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Choose more, pay less! We provide a discount of 5% to 30%, depending on the number of properties in E-CityPASS. Add more objects to the guest card to increase the discount.

Pay and book for the purchase, after we will send E-CityPASS to your e-mail, together with the guidebook and map of the city.

You visit the selected objects by presenting E-CityPASS on your smartphone or in print. All the objects you can visit only once and during 30 days.

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How to build your CityPASS?

  • 1. Choose the attractions or excursions you would like to visit and add them to your CityPASS
  • 2. You can choose two or more of the object to obtain discounts of up to 30% of the cost of the ticket. The size of the discount depends on the number of objects.
  • 3. Select the required number of adult and junior tickets.
  • 4. Instantly get your virtual CityPASS and show it at the ticket office of the object on your smartphone or in printed form.
How much will I save up by using «Build your CityPASS»?
How long can I visit the facility of CityPASS?
What is the age limit for a junior ticket?
What are the refund rules?
Can I visit the site more than once?
Can I buy a CityPASS with only one ticket on the inside?
How to visit attractions and excursions with CityPASS?
Can I visit objects without queue?

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