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Triathlon Park “Astana”

Есильский район
Triathlon Park “Astana”

One of the best places for outdoor sports is the triathlon park “Astana”. He appeared in Astana relatively recently. It was a gift for the eighteenth anniversary of the city from the largest construction holding Bi Group in Kazakhstan. The park is open all year round.

There are all conditions for running, skiing and cycling. In addition, it offers a gorgeous view of the opposite bank of the Ishim River, which is built up with skyscrapers.
Although the main works were completed back in 2016, the infrastructure is still being finalized and improved. According to the reviews of citizens, every year the park is getting better and better.

Triathlon Park infrastructure
Initially, the park was built to prepare participants for triathlon competitions. But as a result, its infrastructure is used by everyone who wants to spend time outdoors and do sports.

The area of the triathlon park “Astana” is 45 hectares.
To date, there are three circles with tracks on its territory. The outer ring is intended for cyclists. It is paved and there is a special marking along its entire length (2300 meters). The middle and inner circles have a winding shape, ascents and descents. There is a tartan coating designed specifically for running.

All tracks smoothly intersect each other and have a direction designation. This was designed specifically for the safety of athletes. In winter, the territory is cleaned of snowdrifts and skiers continue to use it.

The total length of the park’s paths is about 8 kilometers.
For the convenience of visitors, sports equipment rental is open in the triathlon park “Astana”. You can rent bicycles or skis, including children’s ones. Free toilets and changing rooms are located in the north-eastern part of the park. There is a platform with horizontal bars located not far from here. A good playground and a small zoo with rabbits and poultry have been built for children.

The disadvantages of recreation in the park include a large number of mosquitoes that appear with the onset of spring. And also the absence of tall trees. Because of this, it is cold here in winter and a strong wind blows, and in summer, on the contrary, there is no shelter from the scorching sun.


To enter Triathlon Park “Astana” You need to:

  • Go to the cash register, which is located at the entrance.
  • Present to the operator a Virtual CityPASS with a QR code in a mobile application on a smartphone or in printed form.

By purchasing an Astana Pass (24 or 72 hour), you can visit this attraction and 11 other attractions and 2 excursions of the city, absolutely FREE of CHARGE. During the validity of the online card

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