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«Jetysu» Park

пр. Сарайшык 13/1
«Jetysu» Park

For lovers of hiking, a landscape-walking area and a quiet recreation area are created. Here, from the south to the north, from the central entrance to the park, there is the main alley with fountains and the Aport Square, a symbol of Almaty region, hills imitating mountains, and gazebos. The alley is completed by the Tengri Square, consisting of six petals, on which are located children’s playgrounds for different ages and the symbols of the area – ash alley, stones with Tamgaly-tas petroglyphs, rock “Charyn Canyon”.

In the center of the square there is a map of Kazakhstan made up of fragrant herbs, flowers, creeping bushes imitating the regions of Kazakhstan. An ornamental Ili River flows through the square, flowing into the improvised Lake Balkhash.

All this territory is conducive to long pleasant walks.

But for lovers of sports and outdoor activities there is a 1200-meter bike path that passes through the entire park, which in winter can be used as a ski track. In addition, the park has many different sports fields. There is a roller drum, which in winter will be poured into a skating rink, rolling hills, tables for board games, and much more. Also, the park has created conditions for the free movement of groups with limited mobility.


To enter «Jetysu» Park You need to:

  • Go to the cash register, which is located at the entrance.
  • Present to the operator a Virtual CityPASS with a QR code in a mobile application on a smartphone or in printed form.

By purchasing an Astana Pass (24 or 72 hour), you can visit this attraction and 11 other attractions and 2 excursions of the city, absolutely FREE of CHARGE. During the validity of the online card

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