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“Hall of gold” in the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Астана, проспект Тәуелсіздік, 54.
“Hall of gold” in the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The hall of gold is a Treasury and storage of unique valuable artifacts found on the territory of Kazakhstan.

The exposition of the hall is annually updated with unique exhibits made of gold and precious metals found in the framework of The state program “Cultural heritage”.

Gold products of the Scythian-Saka culture are known all over the world. Rich burials of Saka leaders in the Royal burial mounds stagger the imagination. Researchers everywhere note the uniqueness of the Scythian-Saka culture, the hallmark of which is the so-called “animal style”.

The exhibition presents gold products covering the time period from the bronze age to the Golden Horde. The main part of gold products is made up of Saka archaeological finds.

The hall of Gold consists of two sections. The most striking manifestation of the culture of the early nomads of the Saka time, an aesthetic approach to the world around them, is the “Scythian triad” – standard samples of weapons, horse harnesses and art objects found in the famous Saka burial grounds.

Following the principle of historicism and observing the chronological order, the Hall of gold presents such rarities as a gold earring from the Mayemer burial ground (East Kazakhstan); more than 200 items of clothing elements of the “Golden man” from the Talda-2 burial ground of the VII-VI Centuries BC (Karaganda region), among which more than 1800 gold ornaments in the form of fish scales and more than 20 thousand small gold ornaments.

The main exhibit of the exhibition-the “Golden man”, found during the excavation of the Issyk mound by a group of archaeologists under the leadership of Kemal Akishev, is the brightest example of Saka art”animal style”. The find dates back to the V-IV centuries BC and includes more than 4 thousand gold products made in a variety of techniques-forging, stamping, engraving, grain.

How to get there?
  • № 10 , 12 , 18 , 21 , 27 , 28 , 35 , 41 , 47
  • Пн
    технический день
  • Вт-Вс
    С 10:00 до 18:00

To enter “Hall of gold” in the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan You need to:

  • Go to the cash register, which is located at the entrance.
  • Present to the operator a Virtual CityPASS with a QR code in a mobile application on a smartphone or in printed form.

By purchasing an Astana Pass (24 or 72 hour), you can visit this attraction and 11 other attractions and 2 excursions of the city, absolutely FREE of CHARGE. During the validity of the online card

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