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Museum of Saken Seifullin

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(РУС) Для прохода в Музей Сакена Сейфуллина Вам необходимо:
1.  Подойдите к кассе.
2. Предъявите оператору пластиковую карту CityPASS, или виртуальный CityPASS с QR-кодом, в распечатанном виде либо на смартфоне

Museum of Saken Seifullin


The Seifullin Museum in Nur-Sultan was opened in 1988, in a building belonging to the number of architectural monuments of the last century. The Museum building was built in 1946.

The Seifullin Museum consists of six halls filled with the history of various periods of the poet’s life. All expositions make it possible to preserve the memory of the creative work of the writer, his role in the development of culture and the formation of the poet as a person.

Saken Seifullin’s life and social activities are characterized by more than 5,000 exhibits. Personal belongings of the poet, books and photos presented in the Museum’s collection can tell a lot about the poet Saken Seifullin, and the fruitful life of Akmolinskaya 20-30 years. XX century. Among the Museum’s exhibits, visitors can see photos of Nina Mokina-the poet’s Muse, a portrait of her mother, favorite books, manuscripts, and just feel closer to the writer, because the walls still remember him.

For a more detailed and thorough acquaintance with the work of Saken Seifulinn, the Museum has a service for providing excursion support for tourist groups. The Museum also regularly hosts open classes and various seminars for schoolchildren and students


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Museum of Saken Seifullin
Museum of Saken Seifullin
Museum of Saken Seifullin
Museum of Saken Seifullin
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  • 150 м. Ресторан «KoonJOOT» ул. Ауэзова, 10 – 15% скидка | + 7 (7172) 32-71-71
  • 300 м. Ресторан «Bavaria» пр. Республики, 33a – 15% скидка | + 7 (7172) 32-50-41
  • 642 м. Ресторан сеть гриль-баров «Draft» БЦ «Оркен», Бейбітшілік, 25 – в подарок кружка пива при чеке от 2000 тг. | + 7 (777) 519-20-20
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  • № 2 , 3 , 5 , 8 , 10 , 17 , 19 , 20 , 23 , 26 , 27 , 33 , 34 , 37 , 40 , 43 , 53 , 64 , 71 , 73
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