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Heritage facilities of EXPO

Cost without Nur-Sultan PASS:
1250 тг. 1500 тг.
500 тг.
Нур-Султан, Орынбор , 55.
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(РУС) На территории объектов наследия ЭКСПО расположены 2 кассы, около ледового катка, а также при входе в «Нур Алем».
1. Предъявите пластиковую карту CityPASS, или виртуальный CityPASS с QR-кодом, в распечатанном виде, либо на смартфоне.
2. Получите единый билет, который действует для прохода на все 4 объекта наследия ЭКСПО.На территории объектов наследия ЭКСПО расположены 2 кассы, около ледового катка, а также при входе в «Нур Алем».

Heritage facilities of EXPO

The EXPO heritage Museum in Nur-Sultan is opening its doors again and is ready to welcome residents and guests of the capital. Anyone can buy a ticket to visit the area, “Noor-Alem”. You can find out how much a ticket to EXPO costs and buy tickets on our website.

Nur-Alem is the main symbol of EXPO Nur-Sultan, a giant spherical building with a diameter of 80 meters. On top of the ball are two wind generators that generate power, thereby reducing the energy consumption from the grid. The structure consists of eight levels, each of which tells about one of the alternative energy sources – “space Energy”, “Solar Energy”, “wind Energy”, “biomass Energy”, “Kinetic energy”, “water Energy”. On the eighth level is the Museum “Future Nur-Sultan”, and the base of the sphere, with an area of 5000 square meters. the national pavilion occupies a total of 500 meters. It is divided into two zones: acquaintance with Kazakhstan and “Creative energy”. The Museum of future energy presents projects of scientists of Kazakhstan and startup projects of young specialists in the field of “green” energy sources.

Despite the fact that the EXPO exhibition has ended, after a small reconstruction, the exhibition area continues to be very popular among tourists. Now ticket prices are significantly lower than during the exhibition period.

A lot of work has been done to preserve the EXPO heritage and promote the ideas of “future Energy”.

The infrastructure is represented by an existing transport and logistics center that functions as a customs terminal equipped with storage facilities, a communications Center that includes a data processing center and a media center for digital, television and print media, the office of the managing company JSC “NC” EXPO Congress” and the building of the operational Department of internal Affairs. Excursions are regularly held on the territory of the EXPO. The price for tickets to the EXPO will be 1500 tenge.

All the necessary engineering communications – water supply, power supply, Sewerage, WI-FI, etc. – are located on the entire territory of the exhibition. Even if you have visited the exhibition, you should definitely come here again and enjoy an interesting tour of the EXPO heritage sites.

It is already possible to observe that the territory of the EXPO exhibition is becoming a new economic and cultural center of the capital of Kazakhstan.

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Heritage facilities of EXPO
Heritage facilities of EXPO
Heritage facilities of EXPO
Heritage facilities of EXPO
Heritage facilities of EXPO
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How to get there?
  • № 504 , 506 , 500 , 502 , 501 , 505
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