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Nazarbayev Center

г.Нур-Султан, ул. Алихана Букейханова, 10
Nazarbayev Center

Another building in Nur-Sultan (Astana), which you will not be able to pass by, is the “Nazarbayev Center”. Its original architectural appearance, designed by British architect Norman foster, symbolizes the vitality of modern Kazakhstan. It looks like a huge eye that reaches into the sky.

The multifunctional building of the “Nazarbayev Center” has an area of more than 28 thousand square meters and consists of 9 floors. The total storage Fund of the library is designed for 460 thousand units, including closed funds – up to 200 thousand units.

The technical uniqueness of the Nazarbayev center in Nur-Sultan (Astana) lies in the special roof structure, thanks to which the span diameter reaches 81 meters. The entire interior layout of the complex is centered around a Central atrium with a diameter of 26 meters and an area of 535 square meters. metres’.

The so-called information platforms of the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan are the Museum and library, which are part of the “Nazarbayev center”. Here you can always find comprehensive information about the activities of the First President of the Republic. Tourists note the non-traditional format of the Museum and library. Access to resources is provided thanks to modern technologies, with the help of innovative multimedia capabilities, anyone can study the presented visual or informational material.

The main task of the “Nazarbayev center” was the formation and subsequent improvement of a unified and active information space for the study and promotion of the history of statehood in Kazakhstan, as well as support for the historical heritage of the head of state. The center’s activities are aimed at strengthening the principles of patriotism and civic identity, helping to develop international cooperation of the Republic in political, humanitarian, social and other fields, updating knowledge about Kazakhstan and its role in the world community.

*The original identity document must be presented.

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Nazarbayev Center
Nazarbayev Center
Nazarbayev Center
Nazarbayev Center
Nazarbayev Center
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