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National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Астана, пр. Тәуелсіздік, 54
National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The national Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Astana is the largest and youngest Museum in Central Asia. The Museum was created on behalf of the First President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, as part of the state program “Cultural heritage”.

The building of the national Museum of Kazakhstan is located on Independence square – the main square of the country, harmoniously combining in a common architectural ensemble with such important objects as the monument “Kazakh Eli”, The Palace of Independence, the Palace of peace and harmony, the national University of arts and the mosque “Hazret Sultan”.

The national Museum of Kazakhstan has a unique Fund of many values identified in the framework of the “Cultural heritage” program. All the exhibits are located on a huge territory – 11 exhibition halls with a total area of more than 14,000 sq. m. the Museum Building is another attraction of the city – unusual shapes and stunning architectural solutions attract the eyes of thousands of tourists. The unique Museum complex with a total area of more than 74,000 square meters, consists of seven blocks with variable number of storeys to 9 storeys.

The national Museum of Kazakhstan consists of the following halls: Astana Hall, hall of Independent Kazakhstan, Halls of gold, Hall of ancient and medieval history, Hall of history, hall of Ethnography, Halls of modern art. The structure of the Museum was developed by a research Institute and is ideal for studying the national heritage of the Republic. The Museum also provides separate rooms for a children’s Museum, a center for children’s creativity, two exhibition halls, restoration workshops, laboratories, professional storage facilities, a scientific library with a reading room, a conference room, and souvenir kiosks.

The first thing you do when you enter the national Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a Golden eagle hovering near the ceiling. The eagle is a symbol of freedom, loyalty and courage. It is better to start the tour with the Astana hall, which not only displays awards, cups, gifts, a lot of photos of the President and guests of the capital, but also every hour there is a show “dynamic layout of the Central part of modern Astana”. Before Your eyes, the city of Astana will grow from a flat floor in cubes in chronological order of construction of attractions and residential complexes of the city. After the show, the layout still stands for some time, it is so interesting that you must see it with your own eyes.

The Museum in Astana impresses with its technical equipment that meets international standards. For expositions are used: a unique curved screen with special content that works for two halls, a media floor, a dynamic layout of the Central part of modern Astana, numerous media screens, holograms, led technology, touch kiosks, a multimedia guide with information in three languages and other modern exhibition technologies.

The national Museum of Kazakhstan is a venue for various excursions for residents and guests of the capital – these are thematic and sightseeing, specialized, philosophical, excursions built in a game form and interactive classes.

The main goal of the national Museum of Kazakhstan is to become a cradle of modern culture, a place for intellectual reflection, analysis, comparison, reasoning, statements and evaluation of the historical and cultural heritage of Kazakhstan. Here you can find the main features of a modern Museum – an open dialogue with visitors. This Museum has done everything possible to make its guests active participants in the conversation with history.

How to get there?
  • № 10 , 12 , 18 , 21 , 27 , 28 , 35 , 41 , 47
  • Mn-Fr
    с 10:00 до 18:00
  • St-Sn

To enter National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan You need to:

  • Go to the cash register, which is located at the entrance.
  • Present to the operator a Virtual CityPASS with a QR code in a mobile application on a smartphone or in printed form.

By purchasing an Astana Pass (24 or 72 hour), you can visit this attraction and 11 other attractions and 2 excursions of the city, absolutely FREE of CHARGE. During the validity of the online card

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