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Museum of Saken Seifullin


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The capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan is famous for its large number of interesting and cognitive sights. Such places include the museum of Saken Seifullin in Astana. Passing along Mukhtar Auezov Street, you should pay attention to two log houses located nearby, and similar to each other as two drops of water. One of these houses is the museum of Saken Seifullin, in the second there is the administration of the museum.

The museum of Saken Seifullin in Astana is the largest museum in Kazakhstan devoted to the activity of a writer.

Many tourists mistakenly believe that Saken Seifullin lived in the house where the museum is today, in fact, the famous revolutionary and one of the founders of Kazakh literature only worked in it. A public figure of the early 20th century, Saken Seifullin, left his mark on the history and literature of the Kazakh people.

Museum named after Seifullin in Astana was opened in 1988, in a building belonging to the number of architectural monuments of the last century. The museum building was built in 1946.

Seifullin Museum consists of six rooms filled with the history of different periods of the poet’s life. All expositions provide an opportunity to preserve the memory of the literary work, its role in the developmentculture and the formation of the poet as a person.

The life of Saken Seifullin and his publicactivity is characterized by more than 5000 exhibits. The personal belongings of the poet, books and photos presented to the museum’s fund can tell a lot about the poet Saken Seifullin, and the fruitful life of Akmola 20-30. XX century. Among the expositions of the museum visitors can see photos of Nina Mokina – poet’s muse, portrait of the mother, favorite books, manuscripts, and just feel closer to the writer, because the walls still remember him.

For a more detailed and thorough acquaintance with the work of Saken Seifullin, the museum has a service for providing guided tours for tourist groups. Also, the museum regularly holds open classes and various seminars for schoolchildren and students.

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