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The most popular vacation destinations for Kazakhstanis have been named

16 June 2022

Kazakhstanis told where they intend to spend their summer vacation and how much they are willing to spend on vacation.

According to the results of a survey conducted by the OLX service, among two thousand Kazakhstanis, 40 percent do not plan a summer vacation for financial reasons, 30 percent will spend it inside the country, 10 percent – outside the city, and 20 percent – abroad.
On average, our compatriots are ready to spend no more than one million tenge on foreign tourist destinations on vacation. This answer was given by 75 percent of respondents. The majority, 76 percent of respondents, are ready to spend no more than 300 thousand on vacation within the country.

Only 20 percent of Kazakhstanis are ready to go on vacation abroad, while the geography of destinations is quite diverse.

Turkey will become the most popular external tourist destination for Kazakhstanis this summer season: 37 percent named this particular direction. Seven percent will go to Russia, six each to Europe and Egypt. Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan are also popular, in addition, Kazakhstanis intend to go to Indonesia, Korea, the USA, Greece or the Maldives.

Families of more than 60 percent of respondents who are ready to go on summer trips abroad consist of two to four people, they are ready to spend from 500 thousand tenge to two million tenge or more on a trip.

It is noteworthy that after the coronavirus pandemic, something has changed. 80 percent of the surveyed Kazakhstanis who are not planning a vacation abroad are going to the mountains and hiking.

According to a study by the Bureau of National Statistics, the number of domestic visitors who made trips amounted to nine million people, which is 12.6 percent more compared to 2020 and 4.8 percent more compared to the “pre-crisis” 2019.

The most popular search queries among travelers within the country were:

It was also mentioned how much Kazakhstanis spend on camping equipment: 12 thousand tenge for a sleeping bag, seven thousand for a backpack, 44,490 tenge for an awning, 30 thousand for a tent, 12,850 tenge for a carrying bag and 70 thousand for a boat.

The most active cities in terms of the number of search queries in these categories are Almaty, Nursultan, Ust-Kamenogorsk and Karaganda.

30 percent of respondents who chose a vacation in Kazakhstan named the most popular destinations Alakol, Borovoe, as well as Balkhash and the Caspian Sea. Kazakhstanis also offered a wide variety of their answers – the “Other direction” option included the cities of Kazakhstan, perhaps our compatriots spend holidays with their parents, relatives and friends.

The families of more than half of the respondents who chose the direction of domestic tourism consist of 2-4 people, and the budget of 76 percent of respondents does not exceed 300 thousand tenge for a vacation, only three percent of respondents are ready to spend more than one million tenge on a trip to Kazakhstan.

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