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  • The stewardess named the four main mistakes of passengers

The stewardess named the four main mistakes of passengers

09 June 2022

British stewardess Dianna Castro listed the mistakes of passengers on board that most hinder the crew. The employee made similar conclusions after working for a large airline for 16 years.

First of all, according to her, when boarding a plane, many travelers linger in the aisle to pack their things. However, according to the rules, they must quickly take their place and give fellow travelers the opportunity to pass.

“Wait until the flow of people stops, and then calmly put your things on the shelf,” she advised.
Also, an employee of the airline noticed that passengers like to stick their hands or feet out into the aisle. According to her, because of this, flight attendants may stumble and get injured. In addition, passengers themselves can get hurt, for example, from a cart with food and drinks.

The use of headphones for the entire flight was also attributed to the mistakes that interfere with flight attendants. As Dianna Castro notes, passengers do not remove them while communicating with the crew and therefore do not hear them. The girl is sure that it is better to temporarily abandon the use of electronics, so as not to miss important instructions. At the same time, you should wear headphones when listening to music and watching movies, so as not to interfere with fellow travelers.

Another mistake is to ask the staff to raise the air temperature on board. This request cannot be fulfilled in any way, the flight attendant explains.

“It should be cold on planes. Cold air helps with nausea and reduces the effect of dryness on the skin,” she said.

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