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Which suitcases are more often damaged during the flight

29 December 2021

A specialist engaged in baggage handling at the airport told the social network Reddit about which suitcases are more often damaged during the flight. He also explained to tourists which luggage is most likely to reach its destination without damage.

Owners of heavy suitcases and luggage with unreliable handles have the greatest risk of getting damaged luggage on the plane.

“If your suitcase weighs more than 55 pounds (25 kilograms), then I have bad news for you. How annoyed are you when you put such a bag in the trunk? And now imagine that you need to do this 200 times, it’s tiring and annoying. And, as a rule, we pay little attention to their loading, because they are too heavy to load them carefully,” the expert warned first of all.
It is possible that airlines set a free baggage weight limit of up to 25 kilograms, including in order to take care of passengers’ belongings. When choosing a suitcase, the specialist recommends giving preference to hard suitcases, since soft ones are more likely to be damaged. He also highly recommends tourists to buy a suitcase with a strong handle.

“When buying a suitcase, make sure it has a reinforced handle. This way it will last longer and won’t break when you try to lift it. Weak fasteners often crack when the suitcase is removed from the luggage compartment,” advises the luggage expert.

Non-standard suitcases are also at risk due to the fact that they are poorly stacked and are likely to end up at the top of the trolley. This means that they are more likely to fall and get damaged.

The ideal luggage option, from the point of view of a loading specialist, is standard suitcases. But there are nuances here too.

“If you are carrying something heavy, take something strong and on wheels. For example, four-wheeled suitcases in a hard case. They are comfortable, easy to maneuver, easier to stack, and they are more likely to keep your things safe,” the expert said.

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