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“I couldn’t believe it was real.” A resident of Almaty took a fascinating photo of the glacier

05 February 2021

The further away from popular tourist routes, the more beautiful the nature, this opinion is shared by Erik Turkebayev, who shares fascinating images of glaciers in social networks. CityPASS Kazakhstan will tell you how the guy managed to shoot the shots, when you look at them, it’s hard to believe that the photo shows the views of Kazakhstan.

According to Eric, this beautiful place is located in the circus of the Bogdanovich Glacier on the northern slope of the Trans-Ili Alatau, 25 kilometers from Almaty. The guy deliberately does not disclose the exact coordinates, because he is afraid of the influx of selfie lovers who do not have either proper physical training or the necessary equipment.

“I love glaciers, glacial lakes. A month ago, I showed photos to friends and said that I would like to visit Iceland, take pictures there, capture the beauty. And then I find myself in such a place, and this is a miracle of nature – in Kazakhstan. It gave me a wow effect. We stood with our mouths open and could not express our admiration in words. I was struck by the scale. For the first 10 seconds, I rubbed my eyes and couldn’t believe it was real,” says Erik Turkebayev.

Фото©Эрик Туркебаев

Eric had heard about the Bogdanovich Glacier Circus many times from mountaineers, but decided to go there when he saw the photo. He had been planning the climb for three weeks.

“When you feel, you realize this scale, you understand how strong nature is and how small a person is against it. And such moments of unity with her are so valuable and attractive that they do not happen every day, ” the guy believes.

An experienced instructor should accompany the tourist on this trip. Glacial caves have cracks in which an inexperienced traveler, having stumbled, risks falling through.

“These places are unpopular. In some areas, the snow was waist-deep. This suggests that people are rarely there, and if they are-then in small groups. The ascent was not difficult for me, but I went with friends who are studying to be mountaineers. We insured each other, looked after each other. My climbing experience allows me to visit this place. At the same time, we pay great attention to security,” says the young man.

Фото©Эрик Туркебаев

The guy’s Instagram is getting more and more popular. His posts are gaining a lot of likes, and publications are walking on messengers. As Eric himself admits, this pleases him, because his main goal is to share the beauty of unique places.

“I respect mountaineering, but professionals are against the promotion of these places. They are right, there are times when tours are organized by amateurs who are not ready to ensure the safety of the group. Often this leads to sad consequences. But I want to share my vision of these places, my photos. I want as many people as possible to see these natural wonders, ” Eric concluded.

Фото©Эрик Туркебаев

Пользователи соцсети сошлись во мнении, что увиденное не может не восхищать.

“The beauty of the mountains cannot be described in words: this is love at first sight”, ” Unearthly photo. It looks like the planet Mann from the movie “Interstellar”, where there were ice clouds”, “Until this moment, I had no idea that we have such beauty. All thanks to your photography. A masterpiece”, “Awesome photo”, – they write. And some urge to be careful:

“However, you still need to write that a visit to this place is particularly dangerous for life, because this crack in the glacier, there are crevasses, if you accidentally fall into one of them, you can never get out of there, so it’s best such places not to promote, and not to show people, and then begin to walk, and then begin emergencies for emergencies”.

Фото© Эрик Туркебаев

Note that the glacier circus is a hollow in the mountains in the form of an amphitheater, closing the upper end of the glacier valley. A modern circus may contain a snow-firn-ice mass that usually feeds valley glaciers.

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