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“Ice volcano”. A new place for beautiful photos has been found in Kegen

21 January 2021

Transparent ice floes on Kapshagai, frozen Butakovka-Kazakhstanis continue to find beautiful locations for photos this winter. Now they are joined by a new unusual place, which the locals called the iceberg. In this article, we will talk about the impressions of visitors and show their atmospheric photos.

The beautiful “iceberg” is located in the Kegen district of Almaty region between the villages of Kegen and Shyrganak. Locals and tourists from other regions of the country often come here to admire the wonder of nature.

“In general, this is artesian water that comes out of the ground. In summer, everything blooms green here. And with the arrival of winter, on the eve of the New Year, he (iceberg-approx. it increases to 14 meters and creates a beautiful location for great shots. It happened that friends came to the” iceberg ” to celebrate the New Year. This is just a part of the most beautiful places in my village of Kegen. Come visit! ” – says one of the locals in his post.

The uniqueness of this location is that thanks to the small particles of water that are sprayed high into the sky ,the “iceberg” looks more like a smoking ice volcano. And this sight is a delight, because volcanoes are associated with fiery lava, but not with cold ice.

In a conversation with a correspondent of Almaty resident Samal Zhainak shared that the “iceberg” acquired its unique appearance only this winter.

“Last year, there were no such sprayed water particles spouting up like a fountain, but only an empty cone inside the iceberg,” the girl says.

Samal also noted that the place is now especially popular among the locals. The temperature around the ice block is very warm, and the water is crystal clear.

Indeed, even the residents of Almaty, despite the four-hour journey, often come to the “iceberg” for a charge of energy and new emotions. Users of social networks react to the photo with the words: “Wonderful nectar of God”, ” What a beauty!”, ” God, what a beautiful place!”, ” Gorgeous!”. However, there are few words among the comments, only emotions and emoticons.

Recall that recently users of social networks appreciated the views of the Butakovsky waterfall. The height of the waterfall is about 30 meters. It is formed by a mountain stream falling from a steep cliff. If you go behind the white screen of ice, you will find yourself in a fabulous cave.

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