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Skiing under the night stars. 9 places for an anti-stress holiday near Nur-Sultan

15 January 2021

Nur-Sultan is a young ambitious city, the capital of Kazakhstan, which is always on the move and constantly changes its appearance, growing and transforming. Even on weekends, the noise in the city does not subside and life continues to boil. But careerists sometimes need peace and rest. In this article, we will tell you about the places near Nur-Sultan, where the capital’s hard worker and guests of the city can have a good time in the winter and be inspired by new achievements.

Nur-Sultan is located in the dry steppe zone, there is no rich green vegetation, although in recent years a green belt has been created. However, nearby places are rich in rivers, lakes, forests and even mountains. They are not so far away and are available to those who want to escape from the frenzied rhythm of noisy streets.
The material contains both places with comfortable recreation areas, and points for wild recreation and beautiful photo shoots.

Winter fairy tale 10 minutes from the city

The closest to the city is the village of Kosshy. The Nura River flows here. It has many tributaries, and most of the most popular recreation areas among citizens are located in these parts. One of them is Green Park and Chistye Prudy. A real winter fairy tale lives here: conditions for snowmobiling, skating and cheesecakes are created. Among other things, here you can take beautiful photos with winter landscapes and friendly husky dogs.

There is also a rest house “Nura”, where you can enjoy the real winter with all its charms, go horseback riding, ice skating-and all this against the backdrop of picturesque snow views. For lovers of fishing, there is a great place 30 minutes from the city – “Stolichnye raki”. For a good fishing trip, you need to take your gear with you, have a good mood and come in the morning, sitting on the river bank. There is a convenient pier, gazebos, houses and restaurants. Guest house “Arlan” will surprise its guests with an unusual winter program: a picnic in the frosty air with warming mulled wine and ginger cookies. And here you will be organized a game of curling or hockey.

Bonfire, mulled wine and ice hole

In the village of Aidarly (Krasny Gornyak), in a picturesque place with a view of the pine forest, there is a Family Garden recreation area. Here you can enjoy mulled wine in the fresh air and potatoes baked on the fire. Frosty air and a hot fire, a cold ice hole and a hot bath – there are many contrasts here. And all of them will benefit vacationers, who can also enjoy a snowmobile ride or a ride in a colorful horse-drawn sleigh. And after a good dinner in the restaurant, you can play board games with a large company.

Skiing under the starry sky

20 minutes from Nur-Sultan, in the village of Akkayyn (formerly Malotimofeyevka), there is a recreation area balqaragai. This year there are steep slopes for skiing, snowboarding, cheesecakes and sledding. The slope has a height of 20 and a length of 200 meters. This is not the steepest and most difficult slope, but beginners will like it. The main feature of this recreation center is night skiing. The night, the slope, the light of lanterns and garlands, the frosty air – an indescribable atmosphere and sensations. The main thing is to dress warmly and choose a company. It will be more fun and interesting together.

Lovers of hunting and shooting

Unique landscapes, untouched by people, begin a little further, beyond the exit from Nur-Sultan. One of these places is located near the Koyandy reservoir and the village of Koyandy – the recreation area “Golden Pheasant”. In addition to the usual snow entertainment, the organizers have prepared for the guests everything necessary for shooting and hunting. Archery, crossbow, and shotgun shooting are available. You can hunt pheasant or hare, wild boar and goose. Pony, horse and camel rides are also available. At the guests ‘ disposal there is an indoor pool, a sauna, cabins, small rooms, a restaurant and a long extreme slide.

For those who love to conquer the peaks

For those who like to conquer the peaks, but will not reach Almaty in any way, Lake Imantau is available. It is a two-hour drive from Nur-Sultan. The season here begins in May and ends in September, and the largest flow of tourists falls on July and August. Despite this, it is also very beautiful in winter. The frozen lake is surrounded by pine and birch trees, mountains and rocks. In addition, there is an equipped campsite nearby, where there is electricity, a kitchen, a sauna and a barbecue.

You need to come to the lake with warm clothes and comfortable shoes, because around the reservoir there are picturesque places that can only be reached on foot: Kotelok Hill with a simple ascent, Corner Hill with a beautiful view of the surrounding area, Rakelsky Cave, which leads to a log trail and an observation deck, Kazachy Island, located four kilometers from the shore, has a heart shape, is characterized by unique vegetation with juniper groves, Buyan gorge. The maximum height of the rocks is 660 meters above sea level.

Zerenda is a valuable natural monument

Near Imantau there is Lake Zerenda – a valuable natural monument. This place is a resort that is surrounded by clear waters, rocky massifs and coniferous forests. The infrastructure here is not as well developed as in Borovoye, so people often come here as savages.

Nearby recreation areas, such as” Zerenda Park “or” Aurora Garden”, will provide accommodation, meals, baths, and some have created conditions for winter entertainment. Others, like Zeren, will delight you with wellness treatments: a spa, an inhaler, a phyto bar, a cedar barrel and a detox program.

This place is in demand in winter and for those who like to spend time actively and conquer the peaks. At this time of year, of course, it is recommended to walk on the rocks only with special equipment and only for professionals. Nevertheless, fans can enjoy sightseeing tours of Zerenda, skiing and buns, walking through the winter forest. In addition, the program of such tours includes a visit to the only butterfly museum in Kazakhstan. The cost of a one-day tour will not exceed 15 thousand tenge, and the energy charge after such a holiday will last until the March holidays.

Nur Sultan is located in the heart of the country, and many major highways pass through it. This means that you can get to the picturesque places on a good road. So if the soul asks for beautiful landscapes, and the car tank is full, take tea, a snack and go to the vicinity of the Seleta River. The height of its banks is 40 meters. Because of the steep curves of the river, the rocky cliffs at the banks and the hills that stretch around, this place is called “space in the steppe”. Near the village of the same name is the Seletinsky reservoir with a dam. You can go fishing here. There are no recreational areas with amenities in these places. However, a one-day trip for a change of scenery, clean air and beautiful photos will be worth all the effort.

After driving an hour on the road from Nur-Sultan to Borovoye, you can get to the city of Akkol. This small town is surrounded by rich woodlands. Here you can reconnect with nature, gain strength and even stumble upon a forest animal. Most people come here by car with tents and barbecue, but there is also the opportunity to rent a room in the nearest tourist complex, resort or recreation area with modern infrastructure.

Further along the same route, you can drive to everyone’s favorite national nature Park Burabay. The beauty of this place is not only in the pine forests, but also in the picturesque mountains and lakes. On the territory of the park there are 14 lakes, among which the most famous are Borovoe, Bolshoe and Maloe Chebachye, Katarkol, Maybalyk. The highest point of the area is Mount Kokshetau. To the south is Mount Burabay (690 meters) – an excellent panoramic point. To the South more are situated Shuchinsk mounds, the biggest of which is called zheke-Batyr. The real decoration and business cards of Lake Borovoe are the Okzhetpes mountain and the stone island of Zhumbaktas. Probably, every vacationer will find a photo against the background of the legendary rock.

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