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“Black pearl” and azure springs. What water resources it is surprising Mangyshlak

30 December 2020

“A desert, completely without any vegetation, sand and stone, even a tree – there is nothing,” wrote the Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko about Mangyshlak. He called it ” The Valley of Castles.” Indeed, wherever you look-yellow, dry land, saxaul and dunes. But it is in this desolate valley that picturesque reservoirs and thermal springs spread out in bright azure spots. Recently, they are gaining popularity not only among local residents, but also among travelers from different parts of the world. In this article, we will tell you about the mysterious waters of Mangyshlak.

Scientists suggest that millions of years ago, the entire Mangystau region was located at the bottom of the ancient Tethys Ocean. This explains the diversity of the landscape: plateaus, depressions, deserts, mountains and mountain ranges. And also unique reservoirs and springs. For example, about 90 kilometers north of Aktau, almost on the coast of the Caspian Sea, there is an amazing lake Saura – it looks like a bowl filled with spring water. It is fed by small streams flowing down from different sides. And in the waters of the lake live turtles. It is noteworthy that the lake is located in the gorge of the same name. On three sides it is surrounded by steep stone walls of spherical shape, like shanyrak, about 50 meters high.

Old-timers tell legends about the “Black Pearl” (so called this lake). They are said to be the tears of a woman who, on her way down the ravine, fell and drowned in the cup of her grief.

There is also his “dead” lake, it is located in the district of Cape Jygylgan near Aktau. A rare sight: a large azure spot against the background of yellow sands and dry saxaul. Sometimes the reservoir takes the shape of a heart.

It is also called Kozdykara, the history of its origin is not known for certain, but there is a legend about it. So, local people say that if a ram falls into the lake, then after a while it will be in the Caspian Sea.

Valley of castles, “fallen” land and Kazakh Arizona. What else is the Mangystau region famous for?

And one of the most mysterious attractions of these places is considered to be the thermal springs. Scientists discovered them in the last century, but they are still not thoroughly studied. The inhabitants of the desert valley talk about these azure spots in the desert simply: “Someone spilled the elixir of youth on the ground a long time ago.” Indeed, salt water here heals not only the body, but also the soul. Dipping into their waters, you can enjoy the beautiful view and forget about earthly worries.

“Azure springs in the middle of the dry prairies of Mangystau. The native land never ceases to amaze. It would seem that everyone has already seen, been everywhere. All the main treasures of Ustyurt are considered and studied by us dozens of times. But no. There are still secrets and secret places in the sleeve of your favorite Mangistau. One of these places is right in front of you in the photo. Blue sulphur springs bordered by red rock. This is not only a beautiful sight, pleasing to the eye (after all, there is a meager, monotonous gray-white landscape around for hundreds of kilometers), but also a very useful place for human health, ” the traveler Ekaterina Koshko shares her impressions.

These stone statues adorn the territory near the springs. Photo by Asel Abdi

Among Kazakhstanis, there are more and more enthusiasts who like to travel around the Mangystau region in search of new fascinating views. One of them was Asel Abdi, a native resident of the city of Aktau. Traveling to her native lands is a great love for her, which she is happy to share with others.

“There is no way here without a car. It is impossible to get to these places by bus, taxi, bike and bicycle, and you do not know how long it may take. You can hire a jeep tour in special agencies. This area is called Zhana Aulie, located between Beket Ata and Shakpak Ata. There are many ancient tombs here. At their foot are azure thermal reservoirs. I think very few people know about their existence, ” says Asel.

Jean Aulie. Photo by Asel Abdi

“Are you sure we have it?” Basjira, Aktolagai, bectauata and other alien landscapes of Kazakhstan

“There is no legend about these sources. Healing water comes directly from the ground and can cure many diseases, up to allergies. It is better to come here in late spring or summer. In winter, most likely, it will be windy, and in late summer-too hot” ” the traveler shares.

“I feel like a Japanese monkey basking in hot springs in the mountains of Hokkaido,” local resident Azamat Sarsenbayev, who made the Mangystau region famous with a video of pink flamingos, signed his post on Instagram.

“Kazakhstan? I thought the flamingo was from Miami.” Foreigners reacted to the video from Lake Karakol

In terms of temperature, these thermal wells are close to the hottest, Kamchatka springs. More famous among them is well number 21 – one of the favorite places of recreation of local residents, who call it “radon fountain”. It is located in the Kuyulus field. Back in Soviet times, the local water was examined, and it was recognized that it corresponds to the famous “Essentuki 17” in chemical composition.

That is why many tourists want to plunge into these waters. They are considered useful in the treatment of various diseases of the musculoskeletal system, inflammatory diseases of the spine, neuralgia. Such therapy is also indispensable for respiratory diseases and skin diseases. We emphasize that it is better to consult with your doctor before traveling.

Healing springs, marals and ” Schwarzenegger’s ancestors”

People like to come here, but the well-being of the local wells for tourists leaves much to be desired. For example, the famous radon spring Shevchenko, which is located near the recreation center “Ivushka”. Here everyone can sit in the water and get smeared in therapeutic mud. If the conditions do not scare away-a rusty fence around the perimeter, the lack of a canopy and safe paths to the pool.

Видео Youtube/Maksat Akmurat

Unfortunately, there are not so many tourist bases, hotels and places for recreation in the region. But there are many tourist companies that organize a tour of the desert lands, graves and reservoirs. You only need to get to Aktau, and the beauty of the Mangystau region will open up to you in all its glory.

It should be noted that, according to the latest decree, a sanitary post will be established between Mangistau and Atyrau regions. In particular, in the Borankul settlement of Beineu district, bordering the neighboring region, security measures will be strengthened. It is reported that the reason was the entry of the Atyrau region into the ” red ” zone according to the indications of the coronavirus.

Therefore, before you go to discover these places, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the epidemiological situation.

Information taken from the site TENGRITRAVEL.KZ

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