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Lonely Planet recognized Kazakhstan as one of the best countries for travel

18 November 2020

Kazakhstan was included in the list of the best countries for travel in 2021, which was compiled by Lonely Planet publishing house.

The list is divided into three categories: “Best in development”, “Communities”and” Sustainable development”. Each of them is divided into mini-categories. For example, “the best Islands”, “the best city”,” the most diverse in the field of culture”,” the best exclusive tours ” and others.

Kazakhstan won the nomination “Best tourist accommodation” in the category “Communities” due to the conditions for country recreation. As the Lonely Planet portal emphasizes, foreigners are attracted to the country by the renewed interest in the heritage of the great silk road. But to attract tourists, you need infrastructure with modern amenities.

The article describes the work of the Kazakh tourist Association with regional owners of guest houses to create a comfortable and authentic experience of immersion in Kazakh culture and economic development of local communities. KTA teaches local residents the basics of hotel business, helping them transform their homes and traditional yurts into modern accommodations with all the amenities for demanding foreign tourists.

The Lonely Planet portal also published a video about our country. Traveler Gael Bokongo shared his impressions of living in Kazakhstan.


“Horse riding on the boundless Golden steppe, nature walks, excursions to villages and cooking lessons – all this is very affordable. Whether a traveler learns to cook beshbarmak or listens to dombra, they know for sure that their money will go to the development of the local community. Kazakhstan seems ready to be in the spotlight. It is very important for a tourist to feel welcome in a country where you do not know the language, traditions and culture. This was one of the reasons why I decided to stay in a guest house in one of the villages in the North of Kazakhstan. This is the only way to get in touch with the traditions and customs of this country, to see its openness to the world. It was the best decision, ” Bokongo said.

Among the attractions, the traveler noted Kolsay lakes and natural Hiking trails. He also added that living conditions in remote mountain areas have a positive impact on the environment.

Luis Cabrera, CEO of Lonely Planet publishing, said that he believes it is necessary to pay more attention to environmental responsibility, sustainable development and local communities in the field of travel.

“This year, our world has come to a complete standstill because of the pandemic. But what happened gave us the opportunity to think again about how we can make our readers more responsible travelers and become agents of positive change,” he said.

Sweden’s Gothenburg was chosen as the best eco-city, and Greece was considered the country with the best cuisine.

Previously, Internet users chose the best country to travel to. Several thousand readers of the Sun tabloid took part in the Sun Travel Awards voting. According to the results of the survey, the best country for travel was Italy, while the other most attractive tourist destinations were the United States and Greece.

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