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How to choose the best seat on the plane

09 October 2020

It’s no secret that the impression of a flight depends on how well you chose a seat on Board. Do not rush to skip this information, even if you do not fly long distances. Choosing what kind of place you will find if the flight lasts only one hour is not the best solution.

Today we will tell you how to make your flight memorable, comfortable and enjoyable.

First, think about which aspects of the flight are more important for you:

– watch the view from the window (choose a seat near the window) or get up from your seat without disturbing your neighbor;

– sit nearby with children or adults;

– listen to an audiobook or witness other people’s conversations.

Then you need to study the scheme of the plane on which you will fly. The model of the aircraft is sometimes specified in the flight details. And the number of seats and rows on Board — in any search engine.


Some passengers believe that it is safer in the back of the plane. There is no direct evidence of this, but some people are reassured by the seats at the end of the plane. When choosing seats at the end of the ship, take into account the fact that there is more turbulence in the tail. Another drawback is the constant noise from people Queuing for the bathroom.

Among the advantages is that there are usually more free seats in the tail of the plane, so it is highly likely that you will fly without a neighbor. What is not a great opportunity to sit on 2 seats or choose a place by the window? Another advantage of the rear seats is the absence of neighbors with small children, since the cradle mounts are usually installed in the nose of the aircraft.

Of course, if you are more comfortable flying in the tail, it is better to choose a place there.


In the middle of the Board there are places near emergency hatches. The advantages of such places are that the distance to the next row is longer than usual: you can stretch your legs and ride in comfort. However, it is not possible to place your hand Luggage in the free space — safety regulations already apply here. Another disadvantage is that the seat backs do not recline in such places.


People who need to run urgently on business usually choose seats in the nose of the plane: they usually don’t wait for everyone to get off and leave first.

Another non-obvious advantage that everyone likes is that they serve you from the front rows. Food, of course, is enough for everyone, but a variety of drinks and hot food is best for passengers at the beginning of the plane.

The disadvantages of the front rows are the proximity to passengers with children, who almost always sit in the front.


Seats in the tail are usually cheaper, because you need to pay extra for seats first. Here you can safely choose free seats at the window on the plane.

When you register on the site, choose the row where at least one seat is occupied. This will increase the chance to be near a single person, and not with a couple or a passenger with a pet.

To get your Luggage first, it is best to check in last or check in your Luggage if you have already checked in online. Baggage is loaded into the plane in the same order as check-in, but it is unloaded in the opposite order.
Author of article: Rufina Telepova

Information taken from the site

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