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How much does it cost to stay in children’s camps in Kazakhstan

17 June 2022

More than 11 thousand school, suburban, tent, sports, yurt camps for children are operating in Kazakhstan this year. In this article we will tell you where to find them and how to buy vouchers.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a website and a mobile application have been developed for the convenience of parents The interactive map of children’s camps allows anyone to find and pre-familiarize themselves with the camp program, make a general impression about it.
How to find a children’s camp for a child

At the moment, the site contains information about 144 children’s camps. However, the database is still being updated with information about other children’s recreation places from the regions. Along with general information about the camp, the site shows users the availability of state certificates on the quality and safety of camps. You can book a place immediately on the website, payment is made after confirmation of the reservation directly to the camp management.

In addition, for the convenience of parents, the resource provides a search system for different criteria. For example, if someone wants to find information about a particular camp, you can find it in the database by name. You can also filter out only those camps that are located in the desired region. It is possible to choose a specific season.

What prices for children’s camps are offered on the website

If the cost is important to parents, then you can configure the desired price range in the search filter. Prices for vouchers are different: they depend on the living conditions, duration and age of the child. We have selected the maximum and minimum prices presented on the website. In Nur-Sultan, the search engine issues a minimum cost of 20 thousand tenge, the maximum is 25 thousand tenge per season (from five to 10 days). In Almaty and Almaty region, the minimum price is 25 thousand tenge, and the maximum for a 10-day rest in a camp with swimming pools and five meals a day is 112 thousand tenge. In Shymkent – from 34 thousand tenge. There are also many children’s camps in the Akmola region, in Borovoye. The minimum price is 10 thousand, the maximum is 88 thousand tenge.

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan reminded that the price includes accommodation and meals. There are also benefits for vouchers to children’s camps.

“Free vouchers are provided to children in the following categories of students and pupils of state educational organizations:

1) children from families eligible for state targeted social assistance;

2) children from families that do not receive state targeted social assistance, in which the average per capita income is below the subsistence minimum;

3) orphans and children left without parental care, living in families;

4) children from families requiring emergency assistance as a result of emergency situations;

5) other categories of students and pupils determined by the collegial body of the educational organization,” the ministry said in a statement.

The ministry also told what work is being done to improve the quality of services in children’s camps. At the moment, a roadmap is being implemented to expand the network of children’s camps by opening camps at sanatoriums, camp sites, national parks, higher educational institutions, and restoring inactive camps for 2020-2023.

“The roadmap provides for 54 activities in five areas: the development of a network of children’s camps, program and methodological support for recreation and health improvement of children; the use of social partnership resources; legislative and regulatory legal support for additional education of children; ensuring the safety of children.

To support entrepreneurs, there is a state program for the development of the tourism industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2019 – 2025,” the ministry explained.

Earlier, Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC NC Kazakh Tourism Kairat Sadvakasov reported that the issue of allocating grants for the resuscitation of children’s camps is being worked out in Kazakhstan.

Author: Madina Ospan

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