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How can Kazakhstanis extend the validity period of the vaccination passport

02 June 2022

When returning to Kazakhstan, some categories of citizens, despite the availability of a vaccine, have to take PCR tests. In this article, we will tell you who needs a PCR test and what is the duration of the Kazakh vaccination passport.

As the official representative of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Control Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan Yerzhan Baitanayev explained, a PCR test is needed to enter Kazakhstan if six months have passed since receiving the preventive vaccination.

“But if a person has been revaccinated, then the period increases by another six months. Thus, within six months, revaccinated Kazakhstanis can return to the country without a PCR test,” Baitanayev explained.
The reason for the six-month validity period of the vaccination passport with two components in the Ministry of Health is explained by the fact that the immune response to vaccination persists for an average of six months. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out revaccination six months after receiving a preventive vaccination.

It should be noted that earlier the Ministry of Culture and Sports raised the issue of extending the validity of the vaccination passport for Kazakhs returning to their homeland to one year.

“As a result, this issue will be submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to prevent the occurrence and spread of coronavirus infection in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan,” the Ministry of Culture said.

The period of the vaccination passport of six months creates significant problems for Kazakhstani tourists when returning to their homeland. Due to poor awareness, tourists have to look for ways to pass a PCR test already on landing and skip the flight to Kazakhstan, since not everyone knows about the six-month validity period of the vaccination passport.

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