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  • An unusual life hack for class upgrade on the plane was shared by a flight attendant

An unusual life hack for class upgrade on the plane was shared by a flight attendant

19 January 2022

Avid travelers and airline employees often share tips that will help make flights more comfortable. The stewardess shared a trick that allows you to get into the business class of an airplane or use the full set of privileges of a housekeeper.

According to flight attendant Rachel Sullivan, the trick lies in the special clothes. Going on a trip, she and her husband wear identical T-shirts with the saying “Honeymoon”.

“Before our honeymoon, we ordered such T-shirts and now we wear them every time we are going to fly somewhere. Believe me, we get the best service,” she said in her TikTok, showing a photo with a mini bottle of champagne and a package of nuts that the crew presented to them.
Many people liked this life hack. There are also those who already use this trick. “We wear our honeymoon shirts every time we fly, and we always get free drinks and make friends among the flight attendants,” they write. However, the trick voiced by the stewardess did not help all tourists. “We put on our T-shirts on our real honeymoon, but we couldn’t even sit together,” some say.

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