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How to get a refund if you were not allowed to go to the airport by Ashyq

17 May 2021

On May 12, the Ashyq mobile app was introduced at Nur-Sultan Airport, and on May 21, it will be launched in Almaty. Passengers with the “red” and “yellow” statuses will not be able to enter the building and, as a result, go on a trip. In this article, we will tell you how to get a refund or rebook your ticket.

We received comments from a number of airlines, all of which agreed to refund money or rebook tickets for passengers who were not allowed to enter the airport due to their Ashyq status. However, there are some nuances.

Recall what the statuses in the app mean.

The ” red ” status is assigned if a person has passed a PCR test for coronavirus and received a positive result. Holders of this status are required to observe a strict regime of home isolation.

“Yellow” is assigned to contact persons. They are allowed to go out for groceries or to the pharmacy near the house, but are forbidden to visit other public places.

“Blue” will mean free movement everywhere, except in places where a PCR test is required.

“Green” is a sign of complete freedom of movement.

Air Astana asks people with “red” or “yellow” status to contact the place of purchase of tickets for rebooking or canceling the trip.

“Passengers with the” red “status will receive a full refund or rebooking without penalty, while those with the” yellow” status will only receive rebooking without penalty, but they will have to pay the fare difference according to the ticket purchase conditions, “said Tlek Abdrakhimov, Corporate Communications Manager at Air Astana.

FlyArystan said that the airline is ready to provide passengers with “yellow” and ” red ” statuses:

at the “Flexible” rate, a full refund or a free rebooking with the use of the difference in the rates, if any;
at the “Favorable” rate, a full refund on the voucher or a free rebooking with the use of the difference in the rates, if any.
The airline noted that to do this, the passenger must apply at the place of purchase of the ticket and at least two hours before departure to present supporting documents (a screenshot confirming the “yellow” and ” red ” statuses).

Qazaq Air said that if passengers are not allowed to enter the airport due to the “yellow” or “red” status, the tickets are subject to exchange or refund according to the current fare rules.

“Provided that the passenger’s status when checking in the Ashyq system is “yellow”, the refund or rebooking of the ticket will be in accordance with the fare application rules. Provided that the passenger’s status is “red” when checking in the Ashyq system, after providing a certificate on the form of a medical institution with the signature and seal of the attending physician, if the dates of the trip coincide, a one – hundred-percent refund or free rebooking will be made,” said Saken Nigmashev, head of the press service of Qazaq Air.

The airline SCAT reported that if the application displays the passenger’s status as “red” or “yellow”, he should contact the place of purchase of the ticket. Actions regarding flights will be carried out in accordance with the current rules for the application of fares.

“All passengers who reach the airline’s check-in desk are automatically either with the status “green “or” blue”, since passengers with the” yellow “and” red ” statuses do not enter the terminal building. But the airline does not receive data that a particular passenger did not appear on the flight due to the detection of an impassable status. The carrier does not receive such passenger data yet. We can only see that the passenger did not show up for the flight.

In this regard, airlines ask passengers with “yellow” and ” red ” statuses to contact the place of purchase of tickets. Accordingly, after applying, the passenger attaches a statement and a medical confirmation. If there is no medical confirmation, the company acts according to the rules for applying the tariff, ” explained Victoria Starozhilova, Head of the Public Relations Department of SCAT Airlines JSC.

Recall that now at the entrance to the airport there will be a QR code. Using the mobile app, the passenger must scan it, find out their status, and show it to the employee at the entrance. If a person does not have a mobile phone, the airport employee will check the status of the IIN in the information system with their consent.

Passengers with the “green” or “blue” status will be able to enter the building and go on a trip, while those with the “red” or “yellow” status will not be allowed to take off.

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