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“The most unusual waterfall in Kazakhstan”. What attracts tourists to the Tamshaly tract

06 May 2021

In the Mangystau region, there is an unusual place where you can take cool photos and recharge your batteries – the Tamshaly tract.

The Tamshaly tract is located 30 kilometers from the city of Fort Shevchenko, and from Aktau – about an hour’s drive. This 12-kilometer-long gorge starts from the Caspian Sea and ends in a green oasis in the middle of a yellow desert. Here is an unusual waterfall Tamshaly.

This natural complex is called in different ways: canyon, tract, gorge. The name Tamshala means “droplets”. And this reflects the beauty of this place. After all, in the grotto, thin streams of clean water flow down from the stone walls and ceiling. And where the stones end, the water drips into a “bowl” filled with spring water.

Travel blogger Yakov Fedorov after visiting this place writes that it has its own microclimate and the place is different from other seaside landscapes.

“Tamshaly has its own microclimate. Water drips down through the roots of the plants into a small lake. Even in extreme heat, there is an invigorating coolness. They say that in the cold winter it is especially beautiful here – all these streams freeze.

Beautiful place. It is a pity that it is only polluted with numerous garbage, which people are not too lazy to take to Tamshala, but too lazy to take back to the house in the same car, ” he writes.

Anar Adambekova, a resident of Almaty, said that she got to Tamshaly unplanned. A local resident, seeing travelers in cars, decided to show them this extraordinary place, throwing all his business.

“I was surprised at how hospitable and responsive the Kazakhs are. We drove to the Caspian Sea, passing very unusual landscapes: an abandoned village of poachers, huge barges.

An abandoned poacher’s village. Photo by Anar Adambekova

In general, about an hour we drove along the coast, then turned into the gorge. The guys said that in these mountains there is a mouflon, but we did not meet it.

View of the Caspian Sea coast. Photo by Anar Adambekova

Then we drove a little more through the gorge, lifeless at first glance, and the yellow mountain roads. And suddenly a green oasis opened up in front of us, in which trees grew and there was a small pond. After walking another 50 meters, we reached the waterfall, ” she says.

“This is not a waterfall that we are used to seeing in the mountains. Here, water flows down the rocks. And on top – a stone ceiling. We were there for about an hour, took photos, climbed on the rocks. The sensations are indescribable, ” says Anar Adambekova.

Tamshaly Waterfall. Photo by Anar Adambekova

Some tourists share that when they come to this place, they always draw water from the waterfall – according to them, it is suitable for drinking. And Olga Mikhailova, a resident of the Mangystau region, says that thanks to the plants growing in these places, the water is very pleasant both in smell and taste.

“Mint (melissa) grows here, the water is saturated with this fragrance, so it is cool and delicious!” – Olga Mikhailova shares.

Photos here come out beautiful from any angle: against the background of the pond and against the background of stone walls.

One of the tourists shared a photo from Tamshala on her account and wrote that this picturesque gorge conquers all tourists who come here with its beauty.

Winter Tamshaly is an even more exciting sight: the drops flowing down freeze, turning into figures. They stretch down in long icicles.

And the pond freezes and looks like space under your feet. For the sake of such photos, you can go to Tamshaly in winter.

How to get

You can get to the Tamshaly tract on the Aktau-Fort-Shevchenko highway. At about the 82nd kilometer, you need to turn towards the coast. The road through the steppe is not bad, even a passenger car can pass.

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