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“Inexpensive, close to entertainment, and safe.” How to choose the best hotel when traveling

30 April 2021

Choosing the best hotel for yourself, it would seem, is a simple task. Especially now there are a huge number of services that facilitate the search for optimal options. But the fact of the matter is that the more choice you have, the more difficult it is to stop at one thing. In this article, we will help you understand the intricacies of finding the most profitable hotel options.

Where is the best place to find a hotel?

There are three resources for finding a hotel in another country: through the official website, a booking system like,, Google’s Hotel Finder, Kayak, or through a meta-search engine. The answer to the question “Which system selects the best hotel?” will not be here. We recommend using all the resources at once. This is the only way to find a suitable option for yourself. For simplicity and quick search, it is better to use the mobile applications of these services. Website I made a selection of the most convenient hotel search engines.

These booking services often “shout” about discounts and promotions, luring tourists. Don’t rush it! Before you give up the advantages of other hotels for a bargain price, check the offers on the official website of the hotel or on another service. It is possible that the price will be less. In this case, it makes no sense to buy the stock.

When is the best time to book a hotel?

As you know, early booking is always cheaper. In different countries, booking a room at a certain time, you can save a lot of money. So, Tripadvisor has compiled a list of countries with the most favorable terms for early booking. For example, in Asian countries, you can win 25 percent of the cost if you reserve a room for five to seven months. However, when booking a hotel in advance, make sure that the cancellation is possible and you will be refunded in case of new restrictions imposed due to the pandemic.

By the way, many sites display a “Low Price Calendar”. Open the calendar and compare the prices it offers. The cost for the same offers on different days of the week or adjacent months can vary greatly.

Determine what is more important – price or location

Determine in advance what location you need and in general how important it is for you: in the city center, closer to the coast, in a noisy or quiet area. Or maybe it’s enough to find an option closer to the bus stop or metro station? The fact is that hotels charge an additional fee for the location, while the quality of service or amenities may not match the price. Check the location and neighborhood in the maps Yandex maps, Google maps or to understand whether or not to overpay for a beautiful view from the window.

Do filters really save time?

Yes, using filters saves us a lot of time. By setting the necessary parameters for the search, we do not have to view uninteresting options. For example, you can only request hotels that are located close to the airport, beach, or city center. Or maybe it is important for you that the hotel provides three meals a day, you need air conditioning or good Internet? A step-by-step guide to finding a cheap hotel option using filters was published by Skyscanner. It is especially recommended to use search filters when searching for burning options.

Should I believe the reviews and ratings?

Marketers have long tamed the good old word of mouth, and it is in demand. It is worth remembering that these ratings do not understand what the “best hotel” is for you and what you want from a hotel room on a trip. Not only the reviews themselves are important, but also their number with publication dates – the more and newer, the more reliable the information.


We have decided on the hotel. What to consider when booking?

So, you have chosen a location, used maps and filters, and now you have found your ideal number. Now you need to book it. The first thing to remember is that a website can make mistakes. Even if it issues a booking number, it is possible that the hotel database will not contain your data. Therefore, it is always better to call the hotel after booking on the website and ask for confirmation.

Second, register your reservation with a valid email address. This is not necessary for advertising, but for communication with you. The hotel will notify you of any changes to the terms, price, or other circumstances.

Third , plan clearly and take into account the time difference. With this, there are often incidents. And take a good look at the dates. In Europe, they are designated in the format “day-month-year”, and in the United States “month-day-year”.

What can I save money on?

Taxes. Pay attention to the rules and the list of taxes included in the price. Some booking systems indicate prices without taxes, and in fact the price will be 15-20 percent higher.

Additional fees. Some hotels by default include fees for amenities such as beach towels, a safe, mail delivery, or access to the gym. Therefore, ask what exactly is included in the price. This is usually written in small print.

Payment for phone or Wi-Fi. Almost all hotels offer cheap Wi-Fi and calls within the country. However, not everyone honestly admits that you pay for every connected device. Please read the rules for using the Internet in your room before you start using it.

How to travel with children?

It is doubly difficult to choose a hotel if you are traveling with children. Whether there is entertainment for children, whether the rooms are safe, what kind of food is provided. The search parameters are innumerable. Here you can give two tips: the first-call the hotel directly and find out if everything is right for you, the second-read the ratings of reputable publications.

Do not forget that the age of a small guest affects the available room options and their cost. After all, there are hotels where children under the age of 14 live for free, and there are those where from the age of 12, accommodation is already paid on an equal basis with an adult guest. Some hotels do not accept guests under a certain age at all and have the right to refuse accommodation. Usually on the site of the selection of such hotels there is a note: “Adults only”.


Airbnb. Who needs it?

This option is suitable for both family and large companies, and single freelancers who are looking for housing for a long time. To do this, you do not need to have an amount with six zeros in your bank account. Airbnb is a website where residents of different cities place ads for a room or apartment for tourists.

By the way, if you start a friendly relationship with the owner of the house, you can get regular discounts from him when you re-apply. And when you register on the site, a new account gets a $ 20 discount.

What to consider in the era of coronavirus?

In the era of the coronavirus, all hotels adhere to strict sanitary standards and protocols. Which of them have learned to work best in the era of the coronavirus, you can find out in the rating compiled by the financial company Nerdwallet.

At the same time, the Washington Post recommends that you do not lose vigilance and do not forget to disinfect the room before you stretch out on a new bed. A website talks about the 10 rules for choosing a safe hotel in a pandemic. One of the tips is to find out in advance whether the hotel has a medical professional or information about the nearest laboratories and hospitals.

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