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TOP 10 health resorts in Kazakhstan for post-coronavirus rehabilitation

09 February 2021

The therapeutic direction of sanatorium-resort complexes is determined by their geographical location and the healing features of the local climate. For example, the southern health resorts of Saryagash are famous for their mineral water sources, which contribute to the treatment of inflammatory processes and have a positive effect on the general condition of the human body, as well as help restore immunity after long-term diseases.

The most favorable periods for visiting sanatoriums in the south are spring and autumn, but the summer months with their active sunlight are suitable for visitors with certain types of skin diseases. It is worth noting that Saryagash has the largest number of sanatoriums, which are concentrated in the village of Kokterek.

The East Kazakhstan region is known for its pantolechebnits. The antlers treatment in Oriental medicine since ancient times is considered one of the most effective ways of healing. In addition, the Katon-Karagay thermal radon springs are in no way inferior to many foreign ones in their medicinal properties, and they help in the treatment of various endocrine diseases. On the basis of the hospitals, vacationers are offered various excursions along mountain trails, horseback riding and other entertainment activities. The nature of this region is equally beautiful both in the summer and winter months, which makes it possible to visit these spa areas attractive at any time of the year.

Health resorts in the western regions of Kazakhstan specialize in the treatment and prevention of diseases of the joints, nervous system, gynecological and urological pathologies, as well as skin diseases. Here visitors can get treatment with mineral baths, mud applications and other types of natural therapy. Especially the composition of the mud is famous for the resorts of the Urals, which are located on the banks of the river of the same name.

The ecologically clean air of the Borovsky and Kostanay pine forests, therapeutic mud and other unique natural attractions make Northern Kazakhstan another popular sanatorium and resort area for everyone who wants to improve their health. There are balneological complexes of year-round action, in which a combination of modern diagnostic base and such proposed methods of treatment as kumysolechenie, mud therapy, antler baths, etc. they allow you to heal and rehabilitate a wide range of diseases. The work is carried out in the direction of improving the functions of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, digestive and respiratory organs, as well as joints.

Most health resorts operate all year round. This makes it possible to reduce prices out of season (in the colder months of the year), which makes rest and treatment even more affordable. From November to March, these resorts are ideal for winter sports enthusiasts and for those who prefer to avoid crowds, which is especially relevant at the moment.

Today, more than ever, the topic of rehabilitation after the coronavirus infection COVID-19, as well as the prevention of this disease, is relevant all over the world.

Since the coronavirus affects almost the entire body, then rehabilitation programs should be individual, taking into account which organs and systems of the patient were most susceptible to virus attacks. As for prevention, then, for sure, you will agree that in this difficult period it is necessary to generally maintain your immunity, paying special attention to chronic diseases.

In connection with the growing demand for post-coronavirus rehabilitation, the National Resort Association of Kazakhstan, based on the results of the inventory of sanatorium-resort facilities, identified the 10 best sanatoriums with programs for the rehabilitation of persons who have suffered from COVID-19.

Perhaps, it is worth starting with the resort area “Saryagash” in the Turkestan region, which is well-known far beyond the borders of Kazakhstan. Here, in comfortable climatic conditions, near the healing springs of mineral water, many health resorts are concentrated. According to the National Resort Association, the best sanatoriums in the Saryagash resort offering post-coronavirus rehabilitation programs are “Altynai” and “Kazakhstan KZ”. Also in the top 10 was the sanatorium “Mankent” in the Turkestan region.

In Zhambyl region named the resort “Merke Radon” and rehabilitation center sanatorium SCE on PVC “Aisha Bibi” health of the akimat of Zhambyl region.

In addition, the National Resort Association has identified the following spa facilities that have post-coronavirus rehabilitation programs:

in Almaty, Sanatoriy Kazakhstan and the hotel-sanatorium “Altyn Kargaly”
three kilometers from Almaty, at the foot of the Zaili Alatau sanatorium “Almaty Resort”
in Akmola region – health-improving complex “Okzhetpes”
in the West Kazakhstan region – sanatorium “Nurbergen Health Resort”
in the Aktobe region – sanatorium-preventorium “Shipager”.
A fairly high level of service and developed infrastructure, combined with the natural healing resources of the Kazakh land, provide a comfortable and safe holiday for everyone who wants to improve their health.

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