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Chunji Thermal Springs: for fans of ” hotter”

14 January 2021

Just a four-hour drive from Almaty is the village of Chunja, popular for its hot springs with healing properties. Rest here will allow you to charge the batteries for many days ahead. In this article, we will tell you how travelers can get a summer mood here in winter.

You can get to the sources of Chunji from Almaty by taxi, tourist bus or your own car. The first two options will cost about eight thousand tenge round trip.

Along the way, you will enjoy beautiful views of the Trans-Ili Alatau, the Charyn River, the ash grove and the red mountains of Boguta, on the site of which there was an active volcano a long time ago. Geologists explain that thanks to its magma channels, water heats up and breaks out, forming thermal springs.

The benefits of Chunji thermal springs are obvious. They have medicinal properties due to the content of nitrogen, silicon, sodium, calcium salts. This combination of elements cleanses, softens the skin, tones it, has a positive effect on the elastic structures of tissues and organs, and even improves the functioning of the central nervous system. In addition, the healing properties of water help to cope with problems of the cardiovascular system and respiratory organs, as well as the gastrointestinal tract. Of course, there are also contraindications, so consult your doctor before traveling.

Depending on the temperature, the thermal water sources are divided into warm (up to 37 degrees), hot (up to 50 degrees) and very hot (up to 100 degrees). And the composition of water varies from fresh and brackish bicarbonate, calcium to sodium, chloride and nitrogen-methane. When choosing a recreation center, you need to pay attention to what kind of water in their pool and whether it suits your preferences. Mini-resorts are located one after another and, as a rule, have swimming pools, comfortable houses, rooms, baths, children’s areas, cafes and shops. Let’s talk about some of them.

The recreation area “Village” offers rooms in one-story houses in Alpine style, three swimming pools, one of which is indoor, sauna, karaoke and other entertainment for a family or a noisy company. The mineral water in this place does not contain radon. Price-from 4 500 tenge per person per day.

Aksu recreation complex: four outdoor pools with different temperatures and depths and two more indoor pools with very hot water. There is even a slide. You can stay in rooms or separate houses. Price-from 8,000 tenge.

The huge base “Zhetisu Resort & Spa” with an area of two football fields can be called a sanatorium, where you will be offered a large number of medical procedures, five swimming pools, a restaurant, a billiard room, a gym, a game room for children and a barbecue area. Price-from 16,000 tenge.

The resort “Alnur Shining” will delight you with five swimming pools with different temperatures, depths and sizes, a sauna, cozy rooms and houses for living, as well as a restaurant with delicious cuisine. And if you want to treat yourself to your own culinary masterpieces, bring food with you and cook right here. The price is 14 000.

In the recreation area “Tumar” there is a large swimming pool with a water temperature of 40-45 degrees, rooms with all amenities at a more affordable price-from 7,000 tenge.

Ulan Resort is ready to delight its guests all year round with swimming pools, one of which, in the tradition of the best foreign hotels, is equipped with a bar. Playgrounds, photo zones, clean rooms and restaurants. In addition to all of the above, there is an opportunity to relax on the all inclusive system.

Ecopark “Hot Springs” has opened nine swimming pools with a water park. There is a spa, hamam and sports grounds. Prices vary from 10 000 tenge.

Even if you are just passing by and really want to swim in the thermal waters, but you do not see the need to stop for the night or spend money on camp sites, there is also a great option for you. Some residents of local settlements have “wild” pools on their territories. They will let you swim for 500 tenge for a couple of hours. After such a stop, continue your journey in a great mood.

Recently, thermal springs near Almaty have become especially popular among Kazakhstanis, and we can see this from the rave reviews on social networks.

“A great holiday, especially for people like me who can’t be kicked out of the pool. We were here for the first time, everything was very pleasant,” the girl from Almaty shares her opinion.

“No! This is not the Maldives! This is a wonderful place near us! A place that almost no one knows about! The water is clean, +35 approximately, high, paradise! ” – describes the sources of the Network user.

Soon, Kazakhstanis will have a long weekend, and this is a great opportunity to relax and improve their health at the Chunji hot springs.

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