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Rest without too much pathos. The best health resorts in Almaty region

19 December 2020

Our age is full of new terms: organic, detox acholism and other words. We are encouraged to develop healthy habits and adhere to proper nutrition, and in the breaks to find a balance between the inner and outer world. what if we tell you one word from the past that unites all these words? This is a sanatorium. In this article, we will tell you about places that promoted a healthy lifestyle even before it became “mainstream”.

A special feature of treatment in the sanatorium is its complex nature: natural factors are combined with proper physical activity and dietary nutrition. And this fully corresponds to the needs of the xxi century. although all procedures are preventive in nature, you should consult your doctor before starting treatment. It will select an individual program for you and tell you what types of services you can choose to suit your taste: anti-stress or cleansing the body, figure correction or strengthening the immune system.
Sanatorium ” Zharkent-Arasan”

Clean mountain air enriched with phytoncides, the Burakozhyr River, an integrated approach to health improvement – all this is the sanatorium “Zharkent-Arasan”, which is located in the Panfilov district of Almaty region. The main direction is the treatment of diseases of the nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

The main therapeutic factors are local radon and sulfate sodium chloride mineral waters, which are extracted from the wells of Ku-Arasan springs. They are used for drinking, bathing and inhalation. A 30-minute drive away are lakes where silt is extracted, which is needed for the treatment of diseases of the skin, musculoskeletal and reproductive systems.

Prices will depend on the room category and selected additional treatments. They can be found on the website of the sanatorium. In addition to all of the above, a gym, sauna, swimming pool, sports and tennis halls, billiard room are open to visitors. Lovers of active recreation here offer hiking in the mountains.

Sanatorium “Kermas”

Balneological resort “Kermes” is located in the village Carimages Panfilov district of Almaty region. The main feature of the sanatorium is a unique hot mineral water (+96 degrees). You will be pleasantly surprised by the treatment programs and their variety: mineral baths, mud therapy, various types of massages, physiotherapy, an oriental sauna with a swimming pool, in summer in addition – a 30-meter swimming pool and shubatolechenie. The cost of accommodation, including procedures, for one person per day starts from 11,000 tenge.

Sanatorium ” Tekeli”

The sanatorium “Tekeli”, closed from the cold winds and bad weather by the majestic peaks of the mountains, as if specially created for recreation and treatment by nature itself.

Local doctors will offer a basic set of spa treatment: water, mud baths, physiotherapy rooms, urology, gynecology, salt mine, physical therapy room, diagnostics and prevention.

It is worth mentioning that it is in this place that a “floating bath” is used (a hydrotherapy unit that simulates a state of weightlessness with water). this procedure has a vasodilating effect, which improves blood circulation and stabilizes blood pressure.

Medical and health complex named after N. F. Zhalybin

70 kilometers from Almaty in the village of Turgen is a unique sanatorium-health complex named after N. F. Zhalybin. Academician Nikolai Zhalybin is known in Kazakhstan and abroad for creating the so-called living and dead water with the help of a special installation and developing a bioenergetic chamber that promotes blood thinning.

Here they offer to undergo medical procedures without the use of tablets, dietary supplements and any injections – this is treatment according to the antioxidant program, turpentine baths, a sauna with a mild climate, a program of natural blood thinning and herbal medicine.

all conditions here are as close to home as possible. therefore, if you are not ready to give up the home environment, this is the place for you: quiet walks in the surrounding area, in the fresh air, a cozy atmosphere and gentle therapeutic procedures.

Ak-Bulak Sanatorium
is a 20-minute drive from Almaty. Once the sanatorium was built as a rehabilitation center for astronauts, which indicates its high level. during the rehabilitation of cosmonauts, a regime of rational nutrition from environmentally friendly products, clean mountain air, mud, massage, mineral water obtained from a depth of 250 meters, and general restorative procedures were observed.

Now a similar regime is being practiced, but with a modern approach. some kazakhstanis sometimes have enough days off to improve their health here and start the working week with new strength. the room price starts from 11 thousand tenge. by the way, this place is in demand not only among compatriots, but also among residents of the cis.

Sanatorium ” zhetisu resort&spa”

this place has a huge territory in the foothills of the trans-ili alatau.

there are excellent conditions for full rest and wellness: climate therapy, manual massage, diet therapy, five different pools with thermal waters, a restaurant, billiards, a gym, a game room for children and a barbecue area.

The sanatorium “Zhetisu Resort&Spa”, which is located in the Uyghur district of Almaty region, can replace even a foreign resort at a more affordable price from 16,000 per day. The buildings are brand new, the interior is cozy and modern, and the territory is very well maintained.

Someone may say that the sanatorium is the last century. But agree, this is just a stereotype, because we are talking about proper nutrition, proper physical activity, natural therapeutic procedures. it has everything you need for a healthy body, unity with nature and a good rest without too much pathos.

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