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5 ways to feel like a nomad

23 October 2020

The romantic lifestyle of the nomads of the steppes is drawn in the head after a lot of books, songs, paintings and other folklore. Of course, the nomadic people also had harsh everyday life: the need to graze cattle, protect them from wolves, prepare for winter, build a “bark” shelter for livestock, save animals from the bitter cold, defend themselves from enemies, but this is not about that. In this article, we decided to fantasize about what you need to do to feel like a nomad in Kazakhstan.
Under the peaceful Shanyrak

The first and most authentic experience of being a nomad is the opportunity to live in the classic dwelling of the nomads of Central Asia-in a Yurt. Lying on a soft korp, looking through Shanyrak at the sky, you will feel absolute unity with the universe and indescribable peace of mind…

According to historians, ” the Yurt is the pinnacle of nomadic architecture and folk art.” The way it is! We should also mention Shanyrak. For Kazakhs, it has a great symbolic meaning. It is the symbol of hearth and home, of procreation. It is no coincidence that Shanyrak is depicted on the coat of arms of modern Kazakhstan. Sunlight enters the Yurt through Shanyrak, catching one or another pattern on numerous traditional Korps at different times of the day.

Believe me, the atmosphere in the home of nomads will not leave anyone indifferent! In different parts of Kazakhstan, the doors of recreation centers and resorts with traditional yurts are open for tourists. Traditional yurts are an eco-building, a frame dwelling with a felt covering. It is warm in winter and cool in summer.

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There are also comfortable “yurts” stylized as authentic Kazakh housing with “walls”, for example, completely made of wood, and with all the amenities inside: a toilet and a shower room. It has everything like any hotel room: heating, double bed, Desk, TV, telephone, cable TV and Wi-Fi. These resorts are open all year round.

By the way, usually here, on the territory of such stylized recreation centers, guests are shown a jig, national games. They give you the opportunity to ride a horse yourself. If tourists have time, they can be trained to stay confident in the saddle, ride a horse to the nearest attractions. Fortunately, there are many of them in our country.

Travel to the past

You can also plunge into the life of nomads and get in touch with their culture by visiting one of the ethnic festivals in Kazakhstan, in an improvised ethno-village. This is the second sure way to immerse yourself in the life of a nomadic people. During the festival, customs and traditions are shown to guests in the form of theatrical productions. As a rule, Kazakh songs, zhyry, kui and Termes are played on the territory of ethnic villages. Here you can take a photo with a” real ” Kazakh Khan or a brave Batyr. Get acquainted with the original ancient weapons of the Kazakh people, try on armor, shoot arrows and much more.

Nomad hunter

The third sure way to feel like a nomad is to hold a tamed Golden eagle on your hand, imagine yourself for a moment as a nomad hunter who could safely carry his pet on his arm for several hours a day, and was one with him on the hunt. Hunting for nomads has always been an aid to cattle breeding, and has had a great educational value. Since ancient times, individual and collective hunting of saigas, ROE deer, and foxes has been developed in the steppe. They hunted with hunting birds and greyhounds.

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Today in Kazakhstan there is an opportunity to become a participant of berkutchi and Sokolniki tournaments. Here, even simulated hunting of birds of prey for artificial “prey”, communication with real professionals in their field, will certainly make an impression on the guests. Moreover, if you wish, you can organize and become a participant in a real hunting with hunting birds in the wild through travel agencies!

Traditional cuisine treats

Everyone knows that the main food for nomads was cattle products: on average, one person per year, according to researchers, accounted for up to four (about 65 kilograms) pounds of meat, 350 liters of milk and koumiss! Therefore, we must be prepared that one of the important tasks of “feeling like a nomad” will be to test the strength of the body by consuming a large amount of very tasty meat in various national dishes. This is besbarmak, kuyrdak, syrne, and much more… However, traditional fermented milk products of nomads kumis and shubat will help to digest all this.

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Do not forget about the Eastern delicacy – Kurt. This is salty dried cottage cheese based on sheep’s milk. Nomads took it on a long journey without worrying about its safety: the Kurt is perfectly preserved.


Фото ©shutterstock

The fifth way to feel like a nomad is to try to make some traditional product with your own hands under the guidance of a master. In nomadic society, there were all sorts of masters in all branches of economic activity. Blacksmiths were highly valued, and their tools were considered sacred… It is possible to become a participant of the master class by agreement in any region of Kazakhstan. This is mainly practiced in auls and villages where guest houses operate, and rural tourism is developing.

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Here tourists can learn how to carve products from bone and wood. To test himself in the role of a blacksmith – working with iron. For women, it will be interesting to get acquainted with traditional weaving, sewing, embroidery and felting.

Of course, this is not a complete list of opportunities to feel like a nomad, but you need to start somewhere.

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