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10 tips from travelers for those who are traveling to Kazakhstan for the first time

23 October 2020

Kazakhstan is a country where tourists from various countries come with pleasure. And each of them will find a lot of interesting things in this list of tips.

* Be prepared for Kazakhstan’s climate, which is sharply continental. This means that in summer in some regions the air temperature can reach +40-50 degrees, and in winter – -40! In addition, the temperature in the North and South of the country may differ by 10-15 degrees in one time period. When everything is already blooming in the southern regions in March, snow is still thick in the North and northeast. Therefore, pack your things for the road, taking into account where exactly and at what time of year you are going. Properly selected clothing will make your trip more comfortable.
* Comfortable shoes are the key to success: in the cities of Kazakhstan, there are many pedestrian and Park areas that you will definitely want to walk through.

* Kazakhstanis are hospitable, open and responsive. If you need advice, feel free to ask a question even just to passers-by, they will help you and tell you in the language they can.

* Several basic phrases in Kazakh or Russian produce an incredible effect. The phrases “Hello-bye”, “open-closed”, “how much does it cost” will help you travel a lot.

* Carry both a Bank card and cash: small cafes and shops do not always have card payment terminals.

* Buy a local SIM card immediately upon arrival in Kazakhstan, it is inexpensive, they are sold even at the airport. It is useful to know that local SIM cards are also included with smart cards for tourists, such as CityPASS.

• It is not necessary to catch a spontaneous taxi with a raised hand in cities, it is much more convenient and safer to call a car through a proven service. In rural areas, unfortunately, such services do not always work, so connect your communication skills and negotiate directly with the driver, by the way, in this case you can and should bargain.

* Vegetarians or vegans should be prepared for the fact that not every cafe or restaurant can find the right food for themselves. Nevertheless, in the cities of Kazakhstan in recent years, there have been many specialty stores that sell Superfoods, vegetable milk, tofu and other products.

* Tourists planning a trip to Kazakhstan by car or motorcycle should remember that the distances between cities, villages and auls are very long, and gas stations are not as common as we would like. So take a spare can of gasoline with you.

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