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Nomad trails: equestrian routes of Kazakhstan

07 October 2020

To really see Kazakhstan, the beauty of its nature, it is worth traveling through its hills and steppes, swaying steadily in the saddle. After all, then our beautiful country will open up to you from a completely new angle, you will see what a true nomad notices. In this article we will tell You about the best horse routes in Kazakhstan.

Low, strong and indefatigable steppe horses will surely take you along mountain paths, through dense groves, easily find a Ford near a stormy river and can ride for a long time on hot sand, among saxaul and feather grass. Traveling on horseback will be an unforgettable experience for any city dweller, although it can leave traces like pain in the legs, reminiscent of hours spent in the saddle, but such training with a nomadic flavor can be considered a useful experience. In addition, a professional instructor will teach you the basic rules of riding and point out possible mistakes to make your ride as easy as possible.
Communication with a horse can bring a special pleasure on such a trip. Horses are very intelligent and sensitive, so you will have to learn to control your emotions by interacting with them throughout the journey. This is especially true for fear – horses feel it perfectly, so behave gently but confidently, and you will see how a horse tour, especially a long one, will harden and educate your character.

Конные прогулки Казахстан

Horse crossing between Kolsay lakes.

The surroundings of the three Kolsay lakes, located one above the other, seem to be created for horseback and Hiking. The normal road ends after the first lake, a steep mountain path leads to the third, but between Kolsay-2 and Kolsay-3 there is a picturesque tourist trail surrounded by the unspoilt beauty of the picturesque local nature. Green fluffy fir trees, steep mountain slopes, clean, incredible blue lakes, blooming meadows and forests where you can find mushrooms and berries.

It is important to prepare for such a walk, for example, choose comfortable clothes for riding. This may be a training suit that covers your legs-this is important for safety. For those who feel very insecure in the saddle, you can wear knee pads and elbow pads to protect the joints – they are also useful for fans of fast driving, as well as a helmet. But usually for such walks they choose quiet, calm and obedient horses, so you don’t have to worry in advance.

Кольсайские озера

Horse riding in Burabay.

Horse rides in Burabay, or in Borovoye, are offered in a large assortment. There are many routes and many points where you can choose a horse to your taste. Atmospheric horse rides here are accompanied not only by stunning views of the mountains and lakes, but also surprisingly clean and delicious air, which is only found in coniferous thickets.

You can ride horses here without even leaving your hotel-many camp sites offer horse rental with an instructor within their own territory at an affordable price.

Depending on your capabilities and preferences, choose one of the popular routes:
– tour of the forest-steppe expanses on the territory of the Maral farm, where, of course, you can see marals, deer and yaks in their natural habitat;
– at the exit of Burabay, behind the poultry farm, another camp site specializes in horse riding: a short route will give you the opportunity to take a measured walk of about an hour, or horse racing with a breeze-the area also has this;
– experienced riders and lovers of long horse rides will appreciate the tour from Nur-Sultan to Burabay with a stop in the city of Akkol, located on the shore of the lake of the same name.

Horse rides and tours in the TRANS-ili Alatau.

The terrain of the TRANS-ili Alatau is mostly mountainous, but it is very convenient to ride horses through the local forests, plateaus, and high-altitude meadows, since some routes are difficult to pass or too long for Hiking. Both locals and tourists like to ride horse trails here – and there is really a lot to choose from:
five – day horseback riding tour on the Kayraksky waterfall through Aigaleo is a great opportunity to feel like a modern nomad. Every day you will drive about 20 kilometers, passing the Turgen gorge, the assy plateau, Oizhailau and Donzhailau, slowly getting to your destination-the Kairak waterfall;
– novice riders will enjoy the chance to train at the equestrian club and take an hour-long walk to the Butakovsky gorge of the TRANS-ili Alatau accompanied by a professional instructor;
– weekend horse tours of various lengths are very popular among local and foreign tourists. So, you will be offered a 12-kilometer tour to the Kim Asar gorge with a visit to the Butakovsky waterfall, a 14-kilometer tour to the Alma-Arasan gorge with an ascent to the spurs with stunning views of BAO and the city, and a third 16-kilometer tour to the Turgen gorge with an ascent to the Kairaksky waterfall;
– a horse-drawn hike to the Red Yar along the picturesque OI-Karagai river will take about 4 hours, during which you will enjoy viewing the green landscapes around you. The view from the highest point of the ascent will literally enchant you.

Конные прогулки

Horse rides and tours in Kungei Alatau.

Kungei Alatau is famous for an abundance of interesting locations and harsh views of a huge mountain range, almost completely covered with eternal snow. Therefore, when going there, expect a long horse ride – this route is recommended for real extreme riders and horse riding lovers. Of course, the tour organizers provide absolutely everything to make you feel comfortable in the wild, but be prepared for surprises along the way.

The approximate list of routes here is as follows:
– three-day horse ride to the mountain country of Kungei Alatau from the Charyn canyon with passage to the Kolsay lakes and ascent to the nameless pass. The final point will be a picnic on lake kayyndy with a view of the sharp two-colored trunks of the Tien Shan fir trees that once grew on this land, but were flooded with crystal-clear water;
– the four-day trek covers much more interesting locations: the beginning is also in the Charyn canyon, then a tour of all three Kolsay lakes, then a long walk to the mountain hut, where you will stop for dinner and overnight. In the morning, you will go along the Taldy river to the exit to the kayyndy lake, then to the Moon canyon, which got its name because of the amazing yellow color of the rocks;
– the five-day track is very similar to the previous one, but it adds a rather complex route to Kolsay lake, which has not been used by tourists for a long time. These are ancient mountain trails where you can see not only the tracks of wild animals, but also their natural habitat;
– the six-day trek is especially useful for those who want to get a good workout: it includes not only a horse ride, but also an ascent to the middle Kolsai along wild mountain trails with elements of Hiking. During this tour, the opportunity to meet other tourists is reduced to zero – for this, it is loved by lovers of meditation and other activities that require privacy;
– a seven-day horse-drawn route in half with Hiking has proven to be the most atmospheric and even mystical. It includes a horse ride to the Kolsay lakes, a Mountain hut, and an ascent to the top of Kyzymshek with a fantastic view of Khan Tengri peak and Pobedy peak. On the descent, you can admire the Issyk-Kul lake on the other side of the border with Kyrgyzstan. This will be followed by a horse ride to the Besmoynak pass, rest, walking to the middle Kolsay, descent to the Kurmety river, a traditional picnic on the kayyndy lake, a Lunar canyon and the end of the route. This program is absolutely suitable not only for skilled riders, but also for experienced tourists.

Horse rides and tours in the Dzungarian Alatau.

A harsh but beautiful mountain range with an area of 700 square kilometers.
Most of the trails in the Dzungarian Alatau are too narrow and located too high to easily wander along them – the highest point here is, we remind you, at 4,500 meters. Going here alone and without training is fraught with injuries and other problems, so we immediately recommend enlisting the support of a professional instructor who will lead you there in the company of a whole group of tourists. Especially popular here are three routes with different lengths, but equally saturated with the beauty of nature:
– the six-day route is not too difficult, but good physical training, ability to ride and at least some mountain tourism skills will be very useful to you. Put only the most necessary things in your backpack – you are waiting for long ascents and descents, several dangerous sections of the path, combined with incredible views and new experiences;
– the eight-day route is not at all for those who like a quiet rest and relaxing walk. On wild mountain trails with an increased level of difficulty, you will feel an indescribable sense of freedom from civilization. You can even meet wild animals here, but the gem of the trip will be a wonderful mountain lake, hidden away from people;
– the nine-day route is only suitable for tourists in really good physical shape with a decent experience of being high in the mountains. Rocky cliffs, overnight stays in a tent camp, difficult sections of the route that goes deeper into the Dzungarian Alatau – such a horse ride will really test your strength.

As you can see, traveling in the saddle can bring a lot of impressions to both novice and experienced riders, and there is a route for any level. The main thing is not to deceive, explaining to the instructor the limits of their capabilities, and follow the tips on equipment. Then the walk will be as comfortable as possible for you, and the memories from it will remain the most vivid.

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