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What is secluded travel and why Kazakhstan is the best place to do it

24 September 2020

“Coronavirus turbulence” famously twisted many aspects of life, and especially changed our plans for overseas rest and travel. The new reality requires vacationers to observe social distancing. This means that the all inclusive resorts with a large number of people are becoming a thing of the past. Meanwhile, new conditions create new opportunities. So, one of the most popular is the trend for secluded travel. Ascetic backpackers start to seem like less of an eccentric, and pacifying solo travel is a great opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle, reboot, and even get to know yourself a little better.

What is secluded travel and why Kazakhstan is the best place to do it

Путешествие в Казахстану

Translated from English, the word “backpack” means “backpack”. People who freely travel the world with this very “baggage behind their backs” are called backpackers. Mass travel with backpacks began in the 60s of the last century, when the influx of newly minted hippies from the USA and Europe literally swept India and the countries of Southeast Asia in search of a carefree life under the sun.

Kazakhstan, given its vast territory, low population density and many natural parks, is a unique place for secluded travel. Social distancing, which has already set the teeth on edge, will become something unobtrusive and natural here – the so-called natural social distancing.

In recent years, Kazakhstan has been increasingly marked on the map of world tourism as an eco-destination, as evidenced by the inclusion of our country in various ecotourism ratings. So, for example, at the beginning of this year, the British Backpackers Society identified Kazakhstan in the TOP-5 must visit list for 2020 for lovers of active eco-travel.

Путешествие в Казахстану

In addition to the enchanting forests, lakes and mountains, travelers in Kazakhstan can see the “sunken forest” – Lake Kayindy in the Almaty region – and the alien landscapes of Bozzhyr, Tuzbair, Torysh, Airakty in the Mangistau region, and a piece of Mars on Earth – the Kiin-Kerish tract in the east, and the Akzhar mountains in the central part of Kazakhstan.

Туры по Казахстану

Note that according to the authoritative edition of Gulf News, Big Almaty Lake was included in the TOP-5 destinations for residents of the UAE. In addition, Kazakhstan is very rich in other natural attractions. In the vast expanses of the Great Steppe, there are 13 national parks, 10 nature reserves, six reserves, 50 wildlife reserves, five protected areas, 79 natural monuments, and the total area of all specially protected natural areas occupies about nine percent of the total area of the republic, where, for comparison, with fits the whole UK with ease.

Туры по Казахстану

Trail running is a sports discipline that involves running on natural terrain at a free pace or as part of a competition. And this is another format of adventure tourism that is gaining popularity day by day in Kazakhstan.

Undoubtedly, Kazakhstan is the country with the most incredible nature and opportunities for adventure holidays along the Great Silk Road. Choosing tours along the Silk Road, you can become part of the famous travels of Marco Polo, and the multinational flavor of the southern part of Kazakhstan, especially the two thousand-year-old Taraz and the center of the Turkic world – Turkestan, will enrich the cultural research of tourists.

Исторические место в Казахстане

Along the entire route there are unique structures and places, namely: the Zharkent mosque, built without a single nail, Buddhist temples, majestic mausoleums, as well as one of the best selfie sites in the world on the restored territory of the ancient city of Otyrar.

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Studying Kazakhstan and the heritage of the Great Silk Road, you understand that nomadic culture, as if in contrast to what is happening in the world, can provide answers to the most pressing questions of everyday life. For example, did you know that even the usual greeting of the nomads was carried out remotely with a hand to the chest and a slight bow.

The world crisis, as practice shows, is always the identity of new trends and the revision of the old order. In the near future, active attention to environmental and ethnological issues can become an example of tourism development and give a new impetus to the development of the industry in the post-coronavirus period. And in this regard, Kazakhstan has great opportunities and prospects to become one of the best places for secluded travel and ecological tourism.

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