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Top of the best travel suitcases

12 August 2020

Travelers and those who often fly on business trips know how important a good suitcase is for a comfortable trip, the main criteria for choosing which is a shock-resistant case, reinforced wheels and a comfortable handle. These suitcases are comfortable, but ordinary, and there are still unusual suitcases, and we will talk about them.

Астана ситипасс

Cosmolite Gold

Super-light suitcases with such a resounding name were released in a limited edition of only 20,000 copies. They are shaped like a sink and weigh almost half as much as a normal suitcase thanks to the special Curv material they are made of. The production technology of this material belongs to a German company specializing in thermoplastics.

The Cosmolite collection was awarded the international quality mark of Belgium, the Henry van de Velde Label award, for its innovative design.

Нур-Султан ситипасс, Астана ситипасс

Micro Scooter Case

The Micro Scooter Case looks no different from an ordinary suitcase, but thanks to the third wheel, which is fixed at the base of the back side, it easily turns into a scooter, which can cover vast distances of terminals at airports. It is even equipped with a rear foot brake. Special compartments located inside are designed for storing a laptop and documents. Despite the aluminum frame, the weight of the Micro Scooter Case does not exceed 5 kilograms.

Нур-Султан ситипасс, Астана ситипасс


Agree, the perfect name for a suitcase! The Dutch company that made it is famous for its mega-expensive products. The cost of their suitcases can be compared to the cost of a car. The customer chooses the material – from carbon fiber and ebony to rare species of leather – and the color, then the suitcase is made by hand. In its production, carbon fiber, canvas, red birch, silver and even brown Madagascar ebony, which is used in the production of Stradivari violins, can also be used, and all this makes up the price starting from $ 25,000. It takes from one to two months to create this masterpiece.

The suitcase is equipped with silent wheels with shock absorbers and a handle that reduces the pressure on the palm, resulting in the illusion that the suitcase weighs 200 grams, although in fact-about 5 kilograms.

Астана ситипасс

The Trip

Another Dutch company has developed a suitcase that can also be a chair. An indispensable item for frequent flyers! In addition, The Trip can also be a music player and charging for the iPhone, and the music of the Sound system can be listened to for half a day without charging. Very convenient if the flight is delayed.

External departments are another bonus of this model. You can put things in it that may be useful on the way, and not open the entire suitcase, closed with a combination lock.

Нур-Султан ситипасс , Астана ситипасс

Power Assisted

The British company developed the power Assisted suitcase, the main feature of which is the electric motors built into the wheels that turn on when the handle is pulled out of the suitcase. The sensors record the rise in the hill, the weight exceeding 7 kilograms, and the tension of the hand, then the motors turn on to make life easier for the owner, and the suitcase moves behind him at a speed of up to 5 kilometers per hour, while adjusting to the pace of steps. With less weight, Power Assisted turns into a regular suitcase. Charging lasts for 2.5 hours.

The handle of the suitcase is also pushed forward, which contributes to its maneuverability and reduces the pressure on the hand – in this position, the weight is mainly on the wheels.

The live Locator device, which is equipped with a suitcase, allows you to determine its location. It is unusual, but it is so nice when a suitcase can send you an e-mail.

Нур-Султан ситипасс


Travelmate, or, as it is also called, an unmanned suitcase, itself follows its owner, while avoiding obstacles and adjusting to the pace of his walk. The built-in machine intelligence that interacts with a special application on the owner’s smartphone helps determine the location of the owner of the suitcase. In addition, the Travelmate suitcase is equipped with a touch-sensitive security system, so that only the owner can open the lock by scanning a fingerprint. A removable GPS chip allows you to monitor all movements of the suitcase in real time, in addition, it is equipped with scales that show its exact weight. Located along its perimeter, led lighting signals turns and shows the charge level of the suitcase. Travelmate is powered by a removable battery that can be used to charge other gadgets. The battery life is up to four hours. Thanks to special Omni wheels, this robot suitcase can ride in vertical and horizontal positions.

The maximum speed of Travelmate is 10.86 kilometers per hour . It is made in different colors and in three sizes: S-55x20x40 centimeters, M-69x29x49 centimeters and L-75x31x52 centimeters and costs 399, 495 and 595 dollars, respectively, or 1195 dollars for a set of three suitcases.

Those for whom the question of money is not in the first place, will be able to choose a worthy travel companion from the offered options. And Aviata will help you save on air tickets. Thanks to new features on the site now you can see the best offers of all air carriers and other online travel agencies, compare ticket prices and purchase tickets both from Aviata and directly from airlines.

We wish you a pleasant trip!

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