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Lost your passport abroad: what to do?

12 August 2020

When you lose something important, such as documents, your heart immediately tightens uncomfortably, and your brain begins to think about the bad consequences. It is especially upsetting when this happens abroad. After all, it will be very difficult for you to return home without a passport. Tengri Travel will give you tips and recommendations on what to do in this situation.
Nur-Sultan CityPASS единая карта туриста

How to avoid losing documents
Of course, the loss of important things is best prevented. Many travelers are advised to leave their passport in the hotel safe. Another approach is to carry important documents with you in the inner pockets of your clothing. In both cases, the risk of theft is not excluded, so the decision is up to the tourist.

What happens in your head is also very important. Let’s say you arrived at the hotel, checked in, rested for a short time in the room and went out to conquer a noisy and stormy foreign city. After mingling with the crowd and chatting with the local lively souvenir vendors, you stopped for a moment. “It’s so much fun here, there’s no desire to go home,” you think. A minute later, you decide to look at your passport to see which other countries in this exotic region you can visit with a visa issued to you, and you do not find the cherished blue document. And you don’t know where you left it.

The loss is very unpleasant. This is because you have overloaded your brain with information and impressions and mentally programmed yourself not to go home. In addition, you have just completed all your business at home and have not fully entered the local atmosphere. Therefore, during these” connecting ” periods, we recommend that you stop for a while and think about the good things. And it is better to have a clear trip plan that shows where and when you will need documents and where you will store them.

The most important thing is not to panic. By the way, copies of important documents made in advance will simplify their recovery. And a copy of your passport is better than nothing – it can often be accepted instead of this document, which will make it much easier to continue your journey.

Нур-Султан(Астана) CityPASS единая карта туриста

Step # 1. Contact the Embassy of Kazakhstan.
Perhaps many people will argue now and will argue that it is better to call the police first, but in practice the Embassy works faster. Especially since the police are unlikely to find your passport, but you will still have to contact the Embassy for restoration. And it is not recommended to sign any protocols and other documents in a foreign language in the absence of employees of the consular office of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As an example, here is the case of our colleague who, while on a business trip abroad in Barcelona, lost a backpack with documents. He appealed to the Embassy of Kazakhstan with a request to quickly restore the documents, because the next day he was scheduled to fly home, and on Board the plane, as you know, without documents are not allowed. Representatives of the Consulate, despite the late time of day, quickly responded and helped the compatriot to make statements to the police, as well as made a temporary travel document. Of course, the cases may be different, as well as people, but I really want to believe that issues are also quickly resolved in other countries. Just in case, we leave a link to the addresses and phone numbers of embassies of Kazakhstan abroad.

Nur-Sultan CityPASS единая карта туриста

Step #2.
Notify the police. Most likely, the police will not be able to find your passport, but the fact of theft of the document must be recorded. The police will give you a document on the registration of the incident report. It will help in case fraudsters decide to use your passport, and it will also be useful at the Embassy of Kazakhstan.

Step # 3.
Prepare and collect the necessary documents. If you have contacted the Embassy, they should instruct you about your next steps and tell you what specific documents you need to prepare in order to obtain a temporary travel document. If you do not have any documents or copies of them, then you will have to go through the procedure of identification of your identity at the Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Ideally, every tourist and traveler traveling outside the country should make copies of all documents, this is done in case you lost your passport, a color certified copy will simplify the recovery procedure. Therefore, it is always better to reinsure yourself a little and make copies of all documents, Bank cards, tickets and insurance.

Nur-Sultan CityPASS единая карта туриста

And last: when traveling abroad, be on your guard! Yes, rest is relaxing, but you do not need to lose your head and let everything take its course. Remain vigilant and find out in advance, preferably before arriving in the host country, about the criminal situation. Do not walk in dangerous areas late at night and if you do not speak English, learn a couple of phrases or at least one important one, such as “Please, get in touch with the Consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, it means-please contact the Consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan. is a service that allows you to quickly find, book and buy air tickets online in any direction from anywhere in the world, without leaving your home or office. Using the search for flights to you can view the cost of air tickets for various airlines, choose and buy the cheapest air tickets online or book an e-ticket for a more convenient flight.

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