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What to take on Board the plane to sleep during the flight

11 August 2020

When going on a trip, we pack everything we need in a suitcase upon arrival, and often only in the airplane seat do we realize that there are not enough things that are necessary for comfort in the flight itself. together with will tell you what you need to take with you for a comfortable trip on the plane.

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Travel neck pillow

This is probably one of the most necessary things to travel, especially if the flight takes a long time.

The u-shaped pillow is very comfortable, keeps the neck upright and helps you fall asleep in a comfortable position.

Types of pillows


Inflatable pillows are compact, take up minimal space in the travel bag, and the tourist himself adjusts the stiffness due to different air volumes. Sometimes they come complete with a fabric cover for an inflatable pillow for the greatest softness and comfort.

Advantages: the most popular type of pillow, easy to buy. The most budget option. Neck support is provided.

Disadvantages: short-lived, usually pillows of this type are enough for 3-4 flights.

Cost: from 750 tenge

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The pillow fixes the neck well. Some of the models have a zipper in the front for fixing during sleep.

Advantages: durability, you can wash in the washing machine

Disadvantages: large volume, requires more space in the Luggage (compared to other models)

Cost: from 4,000 tenge

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Nur-Sultan CityPASS — единая смарт-карта туриста

Pillows with micro balls

Lightweight U-shaped pillows are filled with small polystyrene balls that follow the shape of the neck, providing support and comfort during travel.

Advantages: softness and convenience.

Disadvantages: pillows do not sit tightly on the neck, neck support is not provided, and the fabric may stretch over time.

Cost: from 3,000 tenge

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Memory foam pillow

The pillows are made of high-density memory foam and provide the most durable and stable support for the neck. They can be compressed to half their original size-it is convenient for storing in a suitcase. Some of them have a zipper in the front for fixing during sleep.

Advantages: the pillow has the most comfortable design, is durable, and provides neck support.

Disadvantages: the most expensive option on the market.

Cost: from 6 000 tenge

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A number of new patented designs have recently appeared on the market. For example, the Trtl model with a round neck, made of warm fleece and looks like a scarf.

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Nur-Sultan CityPASS — единая смарт-карта туриста

Sleep pillow for trtl, the site

The Hoop pillow has the shape of an infinity symbol, which can be folded in different ways. High-quality bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic and has the ability to suppress noise.

The sports design pillow combines memory foam and cooling vents.

The OSTRICH pillow, if used as a regular travel pillow, will provide neck support. It can also be put on your head, while covering your eyes, and it will provide a comfortable sleep if you are sitting by the window.

Нур-Султан ситипасс, Астана ситипасс

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Sleep mask

The mask is also a necessary element of a full rest during the flight. We recommend buying a mask of a simple design and the appropriate size.

Material. It is advisable to choose natural materials (silk, cotton). Cotton – hypoallergenic natural material, good air permeability. Silk sleep mask is good for contact with the delicate skin of the face, in the heat will give a sense of coolness. The color should preferably be dark or black.

Bracing. Choose a mask with elastic adjustment, it should be wide.

Case. It is necessary if you travel frequently. The case will protect the mask from dirt and damage.

Nur-Sultan CityPASS — единая смарт-карта туриста

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Socks / Slippers

For long-distance flights, it is difficult to stay in shoes, we advise you to stock up on a pair of Slippers. Take warm socks and put them on immediately after boarding the plane. The feet will swell less than in shoes, and will not freeze.

Pay attention to compression socks. They help to improve blood circulation and reduce the risk of edema during a long flight.

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If you still haven’t brought compression socks, travelchannel recommends simple exercises to improve blood circulation during travel: stretch and walk every hour during the flight, don’t sit on your feet. Every 30 minutes, bend and unbend your legs and feet.

Nur-Sultan CityPASS — единая смарт-карта туриста

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What else will be useful

1. a Small fleece blanket will warm you during the flight (the temperature during the flight is usually +22C). A warm jacket or sweater will also warm you up.

2. Earplugs-here everything is individual, depending on the shape of the ears and personal preferences. They will save you from a snoring neighbor, crying children, and other noise sources. By the way, there are special earplugs with a pressure reducing valve – to normalize the pressure.

3. Wet wipes to wipe hands, armrests and table.

4. Chewing gum

Often, airlines can provide passengers with pillows, blankets, and even socks for a comfortable flight. But this is not always the case, some passengers have concerns about hygiene, and with the development of low-cost airlines, such services may sink into oblivion. Therefore, it is often better to take everything you absolutely need with you. As the famous French writer Charles Baudelaire said, ” life is made up of little things.” We hope that the little things that you will take with you on your air trip will make it easy and comfortable. Earlier, we told you how to survive a long flight. is a service that allows you to quickly find, book and purchase railway and air tickets online in any direction from anywhere in the world, without leaving your home or office.

We also remind you that now when you buy tickets through the Aviata app, you get bonuses (1 percent from each ticket), which can pay for up to 90 percent of subsequent tickets. Travel interestingly with!

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