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Famous Astana: 50 things to do in the capital

04 August 2020

CityPass city guide to Astana
Whether you live in Tselinograd from birth or have just arrived at the train station/airport of Astana, You will be interested to read about the most interesting and unusual entertainment of the city, from high art to places where you can tickle your nerves. We have collected all the best in the city!

For connoisseurs of high art:

Visit the Astana Opera theater
Astana Opera theatre

The luxurious design of the theater will hardly leave visitors unimpressed, as well as its rich repertoire. It was founded in 2013. It occupies a plot of almost 9 hectares. The area of the building itself is 64 thousand square meters. Of these, about 3000 square meters is occupied by the stage area. The Astana Opera theater impresses not only with its scale, but also with its architectural grace. It is built taking into account the best classical traditions of world architecture, while the architecture of the theater emphasizes the Kazakh national flavor.

At the main entrance, the portico is decorated with compositions “Kobyzist” and “Girl with Zhetygen” by sculptors M. Mansurov and T. Yermekov. The Quadriga installed on the theater building represents the image of the Saka Queen Tomiris driving a chariot (author: Kanat Nurbaturov).

The lobby, foyer, auditoriums and main stage are designed in the style of high classicism. The main hall of the theater is designed for 1250 seats. Even now, the stage of the Astana Opera theater is decorated with masterpieces of Opera and ballet classics and modern productions by world-class masters.

See the repertoire for January here.

Location: 1 Kunaev street
Information by phone: +7 7172 70 96 00

Go to one of the performances of the Gorky drama theater
The theater hall is designed for only 17 rows, but thanks to this, the home atmosphere of creative evenings is guaranteed! The most expensive tickets are 1500 tenge for premieres. Discounts are available for students and seniors.

See the repertoire for January here.

Place: Gorky art CENTER, 11 Zheltoksan street
References by phone: +7 7172 32 82 23, +7 7172 32 05 70

For outdoor enthusiasts:

Go ice skating
Alau ice Palace

The ice rink is an ideal place for winter outdoor activities with family and friends. In our selection of outdoor and indoor areas, we wrote about where and how to skate.

Jump in the trampoline Park for children and adults
Trampoline Park is a relatively new type of entertainment for children and adults. This is a great place to relax with the whole family, meet with friends, visit which you can spend an unforgettable time with health benefits! You can also hold corporate events or birthday parties in the Park.

Location: Vysota Trampoline Park, Korgalzhyn highway, 2A, Duman hotel complex»
References by phone: +7 701 614 88 70, +7 778 743 31 38

Climbing walls on a climbing wall

The simulator perfectly simulates the rock terrain. Before climbing, special shoes, equipment and disposable socks are issued. Cost: double lift – 850 tenge.

Place: Kurgaldzhino highway, TC Mega
Information by phone: +7 705 524 98 74

Play bowling

We wrote about where to play bowling here.

Seekers to tickle their nerves:

Visit one (or more) of the quests
Quest in reality (quest room or escape room) – entertainment, the task of which is to find a way out of the room by searching for various clues, solving logical and mathematical puzzles, as well as using dexterity! Step by step, you need to solve the puzzles of the quest room and move to the exit. As a rule, a team of two to six people is sent to get out of the room, and it often has to work together as a whole, performing tasks of a real quest. Usually everything is given 1 hour of time.

Here you will experience yourself as a hostage of a mental Hospital or a victim of a Maniac Collector, or you will wander into a hut lost in the wilderness – you can choose.

For fans of intellectual entertainment and games:

To guess in 60 seconds in the ACP game
You’ve probably watched on the TV program “What? Where? When?» Now you can play it together with ACP game – this is the name of an entire company that brought together business professionals to conduct intellectual leisure. Opening in Moscow, it has spread to Armenia, Israel, Kazakhstan and Switzerland, with plans for Austria, Georgia, Tatarstan, the United States and France. Astana currently hosts games of only one format – “Guess in 60 seconds”, where teams of 6 people have to answer questions from a variety of areas in a minute. Games are held approximately once every 2 weeks.

References by phone: +7 701 720 51 11

Test your powers of deduction at Sherlock’s House
Players will have to go through several rounds, including “Mrs. Hudson’s Monocle” and “Moriarty’s Matrix”. Games are played in various venues, such as the Jack & Jills restaurant or the Quadrille karaoke bar. The team consists of 4-10 people, but even if you do not have any willing friends, you can leave a request to participate. The fee is 2000 tenge per person.

References by phone: +7 707 941 10 25

Combine business with pleasure at Eagilik Books & Coffee
Eagilik Books & Coffee

This place is a great place for those who want to combine business with pleasure: read literature in Russian, English and Kazakh, and have a Cup of coffee with dessert. There is a subscription system, students are given discounts!

Location: 61/1 Kenesary street
References by phone: +7 7172 20 19 83, +7 701 406 03 83

Play mafia in Gangstabar Mafia Club&Lounge
Gangstabar Mafia Club&Lounge

Here, the mafia is not just entertainment. Here the professionals play the whole tournament on the mafia. The seriousness of the situation is proved by the main prize of the “Maestri Premier League” championship in may 2017-one million tenge! But in this institution, even a novice can learn to play this interesting game with friends, test their logic and observation. Or just come to dinner.

Location: residential complex “Sultan Apartments”, 28 Orynbor Ave.
References by phone: +7 701 705 05 50

Learn to play chess and sports bridge in Smart Step
Lessons are given in groups or individually. You can also come to classes with your child at the same price, since payment is taken for time. One individual hour costs 2000-4000 tenge, and in groups classes will cost 16,000 tenge per week-for 2 times, if on the right Bank (Kunaev street), and for 3 times on the left (Saryarka Ave.). Over time, students participate in tournaments between themselves and outside the club.

Information by phone: residential complex “Burlin”, 15 Saryarka Ave., 12/2 Kunaev str.
Location: +7 702 554 74 57
Free to play Board games in Mosigra

In this boutique of Board games, you can not only buy the game, but also play it for free right in the store. This usually happens on weekends at 15: 00-20: 00. Animators will help you deal with unfamiliar games, because the store often receives new items that you probably haven’t played yet.

References by phone: Saryarka shopping center, 3rd floor, 24 Turan Ave.
Location: +7 7172 51 55 85

For fans of unusual establishments:

Try a black Burger
In the club for your PDT Lounge, you will find a Big Boss and his loyal friends who will create all the conditions for you to spend your evening 100%. The club is famous for its mysterious jazz atmosphere, black Obama burgers and Royal tea. The latest novelty of the kitchen is a hot dog, the ingredients of which guests can choose for themselves!

There are 2 VIP zones: the Vegas secret room (for 10-12 people) and the grandmother’s room (for 7-8 people). There is also a special offer “Letter to the Big Boss”, thanks to which You can become a part of the club for your friends and get a 10% discount card. The letter should indicate the reason why you are worthy of being a member of our club.

Location: 23 Maylin street
Information by phone: +7 777 222 19 20

To win the first in the world inclinator

The main thing In the cafe Tselinnikov-the spirit of the Caucasian meal, the salt of feasts. The restaurant’s team is selected for professionalism, love of their work and the ability to create a holiday from feasts.

And Attention! THE WORLD’S FIRST INCLINATOR! This is a real electronic khinkali counter that will help make life tastier and fill it with surprises. Just don’t forget to follow the value on Finklestone, because your order khinkali can be a prize.

Location: 32 Kenesary street
References by phone: +7 7172 22 99 22, +7 707 722 99 22

Try the cuisine of different countries

We wrote here and here about where restaurants with cuisine from different countries are located.

Enjoy the sights of the city in one of the restaurants with a beautiful view
CityPass restaurant

Get to know the traditional tea brewing process at Tea Drunk Club
Visitors to this club get drunk not from alcohol, but from tea, because that’s what the name of the institution says. Its purpose is to show the true value of tea not only in taste, but also in process. The peculiarity of authentic Chinese tea is that a tea master should help you discover its depth. Tea ceremonies can be not only the main presentation, but also accompany business meetings. After getting acquainted with the traditional process of brewing tea, you can repeat it at home by purchasing tea right there in the store. At the same time, you can create your own unique tea – the masters will show you how to do it.

Location: 48/1 Zheltoksan street (entrance from Moskovskaya street, opposite the LION hotel)
Information by phone: +7 747 590 13 72

For those who want to acquire new skills:

Learn calligraphy
To learn calligraphy

How good is your handwriting? Test yourself in the art of writing! At the school of calligraphy in Astana, there are two directions – Gothic and brush pen. So far, we are only recruiting for the brush pen course, which costs 15,000 tenge. The entire training lasts 8-9 hours, on weekdays 3 lessons of 3 hours are taught, and if on weekends, 4 lessons of 2 hours are taught. The payment also includes tools that you can keep after the course.

Location: 31 Tokpanov street
References by phone: +7 707 861 51 81

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