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Where to go in Astana

11 September 2017

For many, the question of whether it is possible to spend a boring weekend in Astana, avoiding boring malls and monotonous cafes, is as controversial as “are there happy Mondays?» – it all depends on the mood. In fact, there is something to have fun in the capital, and in this review we will try to tell you where to go in Astana to spend your time usefully.

1. Embankment of the river Esil.


The coastline of Yesil is a great place for outdoor recreation. By itself, being on the embankment promises, at least, the joy of seeing the slowly flowing river and the stately new buildings located near it. At most, one visit can accommodate water tram rides and catamarans, performances of street musicians, entertainment shows (on holidays), Cycling and even fishing, ending a busy day with dinner in one of the cafes on the embankment.


If your visit falls on winter, the frozen river will give you the opportunity to skate, and the slides installed in winter will please fans of fast and exciting descents.
From the Embankment, you can take a walk to the Central Park “Stolichny”, which received a second life after a large-scale reconstruction. In summer, the Park hosts fairs and exhibitions, and displays art objects of the capital’s artists. In winter, as in any point of the Left Bank, it is deliciously beautiful, but more bitterly cold. This is Astana, baby!
Address: Left Bank, Saryarka district.

2. Area of state symbols


A five-minute walk from the capital’s circus is located the square of state symbols with its distinctive feature-a huge blue and gold flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan flying in the wind. The trick lies not only in the size of the flag (which is the fourth largest flag in the world), but that in his position Astana residents determine the location of the President if the flag flies on the flagpole, the President is in town, if lowered on a business trip.

On public holidays, you can see the presentation of state awards and the taking of the military oath.
Address: Left Bank, intersection of Kabanbai Batyr Avenue and kurgaldzhinsky highway

3. Ethno-memorial complex “Map of Kazakhstan” Atameken»

After experiencing a powerful surge of patriotism in the square of state symbols, you can move on to the nearby complex “Atameken”, and there continue to admire the beauty of the capital and all of Kazakhstan. On an area equal to two football fields, there is a map of the Republic with miniatures of the main attractions of the country. Guides will tell you in detail about all the points on the giant map, and you will make a kind of trip around Kazakhstan in just an hour, discovering a lot of new things and being inspired to travel


In addition to walking through the Park of miniatures in “Atameken” you can visit craft workshops, see the process of making national Souvenirs and buy your favorite copies as a souvenir or as a gift.

The complex is open every day from 9 to 21 hours. Entrance fee for adults and children – 400 tenge (children under 5 years-free of charge).
Address: Left Bank, Kabanbai Batyr Avenue, between the state symbols square and the Duman shopping center.

4. independence Square

The main square of the country breathes freely. From the very first visit to Astana, you can see how the capital is wasting its territory, a large part of which it gave to Independence square. There are several grandiose architectural complexes (the national Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Palace of Independence, the monument “Kazakh Eli”) that complement the image of a modern spacious square, which is definitely worth a walk while in Astana.


In the center of the square, as it should be, there is a majestic stele-monument “Kazak Eli”. You will not be able to put your hand to it – for this purpose, you will need to go to Baiterek or to the square in Almaty. And here only to admire.

On one side of the stele is the national University of arts (a round blue building), on the other – the Palace of independence.

Walking along the square further, you will reach a futuristic building near the Palace of independence – the national Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 7 huge halls are stored priceless exhibits that embody the entire history of Kazakhstan from ancient centuries to the present day. Not so long ago, the contents of the Museum of modern art were moved to the national Museum, which allows you to visit two museums at once in one visit. Parents of small children should not worry that their offspring will be bored to wander among the Museum’s exhibits – there is a center for children’s creativity specially for them. And for those who find the information received on the tour insufficient, there is a full-fledged scientific library with a reading room.

The Museum is open on all days except Monday, from 10 to 20 hours. The ticket office is open from 10 to 19 hours. The ticket price for adults is 700 tenge, for students-500 tenge, for schoolchildren and pensioners – 300 tenge. Excursions in the halls of “Gold” cost 1000 tenge.
Address: Tauelsizdik Avenue, 54.

5. Pyramid

Not far from independence square, there is another attraction in Astana – the Palace of Peace and Harmony, better known as the “pyramid”. You can hardly say that there are exciting entertainment waiting for you, but it is still worth a visit inside, if only because the interior of the Palace charms with modern sophistication. There are daily excursions through the halls of the Palace, as well as concerts of classical music and various productions in the 1,500-seat Opera hall. If you are interested in the history of ancient Egypt, you will have a lot to see In the hall of the Egyptian exhibition.

On the 6th floor of the Palace there is a Modern Art Center “KULANSHI”, where you can see the original lithographs of Dali, Picasso and Chagall.

The Palace is open seven days a week from 10 to 18 hours. The cost of excursions is 600 tenge for an adult and 400 tenge for children (from 6 to 14 years).

Address: 57 Tauelsizdik Avenue.

6. Nurzhol Boulevard (Water-green Boulevard)

You can also assess the scope of the young capital on the Water-green Boulevard. The grandiose architectural ensemble, which appeared in the middle of the steppe in a few years, has become a place of attraction not only for tourists, but also for residents of Astana. On the upper level of the Boulevard, there is a comfortable walking area equipped with benches, flower beds, fountains – an ideal place to spend warm summer evenings. On the lower level there are shops, beauty salons, cafes and restaurants. And next to all the most-the highest building in Astana-the building of Kazakhstan Temir Zholy, the largest tent building in the world – the shopping center “Khan Shatyr”, one of the most beautiful administrative and residential complexes in Kazakhstan-” on the water – green Boulevard”, as well as the most recognizable symbol of Astana-Baiterek.


7. Baiterek

If you have ever typed “Astana”, “sights of Astana” or something like that in the search engine, you have probably seen Baiterek in photos hundreds of times. Maybe it’s time to see it firsthand. It is located at the Water-green Boulevard, in the heart of the young capital.

The 100-meter monument consists of three levels. At the lowest level, located at a depth of 4.5 meters, you can eat and admire the exhibits of the mini gallery and the inhabitants of the aquarium. The middle level is the entrance and high-speed elevators that lower and raise Baiterek guests to the lower and upper levels.


The upper level is a panoramic hall inside a huge ball with a diameter of 22 meters at a height of 97 meters. It offers a magnificent view of the city, both during the day and in the evening.

Fans of applying their hands to monuments will definitely be pleased with the opportunity to cling to the handprint of the first President of Kazakhstan, make a wish. Entrance fee-700 tenge for an adult, 300 tenge for a child from 5 to 15 years. Children under 5 years old are free of charge.
Address: 1 Nurzhol Boulevard, Left Bank.

8. Astana Opera
Opera and ballet theater “Astana Opera” is one of the youngest attractions in Astana. The luxurious design of the theater will hardly leave visitors unimpressed, as well as its rich repertoire.

Even if you are overcome by an invincible drowsiness from the second minute of listening to the Opera, it is still recommended to visit the magnificent hall and halls of the Astana Opera theater.
Address: 1 Kunaev street, intersection with Ave. Turan

Автор: Жанель Рахмидинова

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