Nur-Sultan Pass
A single tourist card that includes
Free entry to 11 sites
Tours of the city and the river
Free city bus rides
City guide and map
Privileges and discounts in the best places in the city
Sim Card Beeline
National currency
Transport infrastructure
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CityPASS 3 days

CP 24 h

3 days

CP 5 days

CityPASS 24 часа
+ -
6990 tenge

CityPASS 24 часа Junior
+ -
5990 tenge

CityPASS 3 дня
+ -
9990 tenge

CityPASS 3 дня Junior
+ -
8990 tenge


Astana CityPASS «3 days» – set for tourists with a plastic card for unlimited visits to all tourist sites of the capital within 3 days!

7990 tg.

All of Astana in 3 days!

For whom: For tourists who came to see the capital for 3-5 days and its residents who want to have fun.

CityPASS will give You the opportunity:

  • visit any attractions, museums and excursions connected to CityPASS within 3 days (72 hours from the first presentation of the card).
  • use discounts in more than 50 institutions of the discount program (30 days from the first presentation of the card);

Savings:the Owner of CityPASS independently chooses a route. Active when visiting the tourist sites and the excursions you will save up to 50%.

Price: Astana CityPASS 3 days 7990 tg. CityPASS «Junior» for children from 3 to 15 years inclusive cost 6990 tg. Children up to 3 years old can visit all facilities free.

Purchase: You can buy CityPASS in two ways. You can order delivery, orders placed before 18:00 are delivered on the same day. The cost of delivery is 1000 tenge. Or you can buy a CityPASS without fees at the point of sale.

Place in orderPoints of sale:

Complete set includes:

A plastic smart-card for free entrance to the tourist sites and receiving discounts in city institutions.

CityPASS INFO – a guidebook/ a map (Kaz/Rus/Eng) – all the necessary information for using CityPASS and a detailed map of the city.

Beeline sim card with the tariff plan ”All for 490”. 2GB Internet traffic as a gift and unlimited access to all social networks.

Usage example:

If you started your route, exactly presented a smart card at a tourist attraction at 12: 00, then you must complete the tour of the selected attractions in 3 days, presenting the card at the box office no later than 11: 59. Each object for free you can visit only once.

1 day. We recommend starting your route with a visit to one of the most visited entertainment centers – the family recreation Center “Ailand”. In the Aquarium you will get acquainted with the amazing underwater world, and you can admire the city from a bird’s eye view by visiting the Ferris Wheel.

Day 2. Every day from 10: 00, at the CSO “Ailand”, the tour starts on the double-Decker bus Red Bus. The second day you can start with it. Then by bus you can get to the symbol of the 20th Anniversary of independence of Astana–the arc de Triomphe “Mangilik El”. After you examine the exhibition of paintings and explore the city from the observation deck in the arch, you can go to the Museum of the future – the sphere of “Nur Alem”. You can get to the sphere by the same excursion double-Decker bus.

Day 3. On the third day of the tour, we advise you to visit the symbol of our capital – the monument “Astana-Baiterek”. You can get to it on the tour double-Decker bus.

Recommended route with smart card CityPASS 3 days. Attention! You can choose any objects to visit. Depending on the route you choose, you can save up to 50%.



An Object

Without Astana CityPASS

With Astana CityPASS

1 day
12:00 The Oceanarium «Ailand» 3000 tg. free
13:00 The Ferris Wheel «Ailand» 1200 tg. free
Day 2
11:00 Excursion on the double-decker bus HOP ON HOP OFF 3000 tg. free
12:15 Arc de Triomphe «Mәңgіlіk El» 500 tg. free
15:00 Excursion on the double-decker bus HOP ON HOP OFF free free
15:30 Heritage facilities of EXPO 1500 tg. free
Day 3
10:00 Excursion on the double-decker bus HOP ON HOP OFF free free
11:30 Monument «Astana-Baiterek» 700 tg. free


Savings amounted to 1910 тнг. на одного человека + окупаются затраты на карту туриста. As a gift there is a guidebook, a map, a sim card and an opportunity to use the discount program.

9900 tg.

0 + 7990 tg. CityPass 3 days


We can help you to create an individual route for free. Call us + 7 (7172) 47-85-65 or order a return call.

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