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Blue lagoon, Pink lake and 12 other places where Astana residents rest

05 August 2020

Blue lagoon

Голубая лагуна

Источник фотографии:

The lake is located three kilometers from the city. The site is a quarry surrounded by limestone rock dumps. An unusual color is given to the water by a clay mineral. The artificial reservoir is washed away by ground water, because of this, the water in it is constantly turquoise. Here you can take beautiful photos, but do not swim.

How to get there: drive 20 minutes along the Alash highway

Pink lake

розовое озероИсточник фотографии: @yerlanaliyev

There are fewer than 10 similar pink lakes in the world, and one of them is located near us — about 190 kilometers from the capital.

Kobeytuz is a small lake that gets the color of dawn due to marine microalgae Dunaliella. The water in the lake has healing properties because of the salt it contains.

How to get there: along the Pavlodar highway-about 170 km, turn right at Korzhinkol station. Then go along the field road for about 20 km

Khandinskoe reservoir

Кояндинское водохранилище в Нур-Султане/Астане

The reservoir is located on the Koyanda river, a little further there is a dam, which is favored by fishermen, because there are carp, pike, perch. It is located 35 kilometers from Nur-Sultan in the direction of the village of Koyandy. Suitable for relaxing on a hot day, you can set up a tent camp and picnic on the beach.

How to get there: Arshalynsky district, Akmola region, 35 km from the city.

Saryoba Lake

Озеро Сарыоба в Нур-Султане/Астане

A large salt lake with a sandy beach. It is better to bring tents and umbrellas to hide from the sun. Kitesurfers love to relax here, as well as get beautiful photos against the background of local landscapes.

How to get there: 40 km towards Karaganda, then left near the gas station “KMG”, then along a country road towards the TV tower.

Village Of Balkashino

In this place go for scenic ponds and springs — Zinovieva, novomykil’s’ke Police spring lake Kumdykol. On the road from the village to Sandyktau-a large mountain forest. Here alternate rocky hills, fields and mixed forests. In Balkashino they sell salted mushrooms and wild berry jam.

How to get there: 85 km North of Atbasar railway station

Vyacheslav reservoir

Вячеславское водохранилище в Нур-Султане/Астане

A favorite place for fishermen and families from the capital to relax. Nearby there are several holiday homes and gazebos that can be rented. There is a sandy beach near the reservoir.

What to do: fish, swim, take photos, and have a picnic in the fresh air.

How to get there: 50 km towards Karaganda, turn to the village. Babatay and pass through it to the village. Vyacheslav.

42-nd siding

There is a sandy beach, surrounded by bushes. Few people know about this place, you can take tents.

How to get there: exit in Arshalynsky district of Akmola region. On the Karaganda highway past Alexandrovka, then left towards the railway bridge. About 30 km from the city.

The River Seleta

Seleta is one of the cleanest rivers in Kazakhstan, which is replenished by underground springs. Seletinsky reservoir with a dam is located near the village of Seleta. Fishermen come here. The place is green and beautiful, you can have a picnic in the fresh air.

How to get there: follow the highway to yerementau, then turn left, about 80-90 km from the city.

The coast of the river Ishim

Побережье реки Ишим в Нур-Султане/Астане

You can choose two directions — on the Astrakhan highway or on the Karaganda highway. Families who like to fish know about these places. Nearby there are villages where you can stay for the night or put up tents on the river Bank.

How to get there: 30-40 km from the city on the chosen route.

Lake Zhaltyrkol

There is a small sandy beach equipped with mangalas. There is a Golden Fish recreation area nearby where you can rent a wooden house. Take your guitar and everything you need for outdoor activities on your trip.

Recreation areas and parks with good infrastructure, but unpopular among astachans. There aren’t many people here. The places are suitable for family holidays or in a close circle of friends.

How to get there: 12 km from the city on the Karaganda highway.

The leisure Park “Sloboda”,

Парк отдыха «Слобода» в Нур-Султане/Астане

The Park for relaxing and active recreation is located on the territory of an 18-hectare garden. There is everything you need to organize a trip to nature: a sandy beach, a fire, a place for fishing, a dance floor, entertainment for children. Ataka paintball and sports club is organized in the Park.

How to get there: 25 km from the city.

Recreation area “Stolichny Dvor», @bannyi_dvor_astana

In the recreation area, you can swim in the fresh air, have a picnic, rent a gazebo, trestles and catamarans. There is a fishing area and a beach on site. You can also come here with your own food and drinks.

How to get there: Kuigenzhar, street Itaconic, 20B.

Recreation area ” Arasan», @arasan_topar

There are water activities — catamarans, boats, jet skis, “tablets”, “banana”. The recreation area has an entertainment center for children. Here you can swim in the open air and sunbathe on the beach.

How to get there: Karaganda region, village Topar, on the Bank of the Topra reservoir.

Recreation center River Club @river_club_astana

База отдыха River Club в Нур-Султане/Астане

On the territory of the recreation area there is a swimming pool, a cafe-bar, a summer terrace, trestles, a beach, a billiard room. There is a kitchen, guests can rent a cafe on the water, karaoke room or bath. The recreation center is suitable for holidays with friends and family — there is a special Playground for children.

How to get there: village Kosshy, 7-ya, 2/4.



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