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Visit center «Burabay»

Акмолинская область, Бурабайский район, п. Бурабай (Боровое), ул. Кенесары, 38, «Визит центр».
Visit center «Burabay»

In the heart of the resort village of Borovoe, 300 km from Astana, there is a “Visit center”, which houses the” Museum of nature”,” zoo”,” Contact zoo”, educational and entertainment facilities.
In the new modern building of the “Museum of nature”, visitors can get extensive information about the fauna and flora of the national Park, measures taken to protect nature and information about animals listed in the Red book of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Museum brings people closer to nature and its protection, being an irreplaceable Bank of information that generalizes knowledge, accumulates scientific materials and preserves them.

There are 3 halls in the building that house expositions of wild animals and birds, collections of insects, vegetation, minerals, and a survey layout of the territory of the Burabay national Park and the Shchuchinsk-Borovskaya resort zone.

The visit center will be interesting not only for children, but also for adults. It will allow a busy person to feel like a part of nature again. And the children will cause a storm of delight!
On the territory of the zoo there is a contact zoo corner, where You can spend a great time with your child, give him bright emotions and unforgettable impressions that will remain in his memory for a long time.


Для прохода в Музей энергии будущего «Нур-Алем» (ЭКСПО) Вам необходимо:

  • Подойдите на кассу, которая расположена при входе в «Нур Алем».
  • Предъявите оператору Виртуальный CityPASS с QR-кодом в мобильном приложении на смартфоне или в распечатанном виде.

Приобретая Astana Pass (24 или 72 часовой), Вы можете посетить эту достопримечательность и 11 других достопримечательностей и 2 экскурсии города, абсолютно БЕСПЛАТНО. В течении действия онлайн-карты

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