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The excursion to the Korgalzhyn nature reserve

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Tickets for the excursion to the Korgalzhyn nature reserve

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Every weekend Active Tours of KZ invite you to visit Korgalzhinsky reserve and memorial complex ALGERIA. Just 150 km from the bustling, bustling city is a real bird’s Paradise.

The land where we are guests, not hosts, where in the ringing silence bird voices are heard everywhere, and the smell of steppe grass turns the head. Make yourself a gift, visit the reserve and feel the unity with Mother Nature.

Korgalzhyn reserve is a diamond on the map of Kazakhstan. This unique place is protected by UNESCO. It is famous for its rich flora and fauna, as well as stunning natural scenery.

The reserve is home to 350 species of birds, 43 species of mammals and 500 species of higher plants. And, of course, here live pink flamingos-these beautiful graceful birds with unusual pink plumage. As well as swans, geese, ducks, cranes, larks, herons and a great many other birds. On the way back we will visit the memorial complex of victims of political repression in ALGERIA. The price includes: transport, lunch, guide, all entrance tickets, excursion to ALGERIA, eco fees.

Korgalzhyn reserve was established in 1968 to preserve the unique wetlands, which are the habitat of flamingos, curly Pelican and other birds.

Most of the territory is occupied by salt and fresh water. The area represents the General outline of the system of double lakes flowing lakes of Korgalzhyn and closed lakes of the Tengiz connected. Tengiz-Korgalzhyn Lakes are not only the most extensive water area of the steppe zone, but also one of the most unique places on the entire Eurasian continent: two major migration routes of birds — Central Asian and Siberian-South European-are crossed here.

Since 1994, the pink Pelican has been regularly found on the territory of the reserve. Breeding populations of flamingos and Oxyura leucocephala are the largest in Central Asia.

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